Bang – Roar – Oakville cracking down on noisy Motor Bikes

Town of Oakville’s Noise By-Law 2008-098 about to get enforced

Muffler of Motorbike
Bang – Roar – Oakville cracking down on noisy Motor Bikes
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For the residents and pedestrians who live or travel along Lakeshore Road, who are often subjected to the extremely load noises emanating from the tail pipes of customized motorbikes help is on the way.

In December 2011 the town of Oakville passed a by-law targeting excessive noise from Motorbikes, and it took effect in July 2012. Since then owners of bikes who exceed the noise limited have been issued a warnings. However, that changed on May 31, 2014, and the police set up a blitz. The 10 AM to 11 AM timing was a bit off, since most of the main offenders tend to arrive around 1:00 PM. However, there are more noise campaigns to come.

Under the bylaw, a motorcycle cannot be operated in Oakville if it emits any sound exceeding 92 dBA (decibels) from the exhaust outlet as measured at 50 centimeters by means of a sound level meter while the motorcycle is idling.

The bylaw also says a one, two, five or six-cylinder motorcycle cannot be driven in Oakville if its noise exceeds 96 dBA (at 2,000 RPM). A three or four-cylinder motorcycle cannot be driven if its noise exceeds 100 dBA (at 5,000 RPM).

Here is an idea of what 92 to 100 dBA equate to:

• 80 dBA – Harley-Davidson (as shipped from the factory)
• 90 dBA – 4/2 stroke lawnmower or Grass cutter
• 98 dBA – Large Orchestra
• 110 dBA – A car horn
• 115 dBA – A popular aftermarket systems for Harley-Davidsons
• 120 dBA – A rock concert or a jet engine
• 125 dBA – A motorcycle with straight pipes (no muffler)
• 130 dBA – Threshold of Pain

So should you be subjected to what you feel is excess noise and there are no police officers around, feel free to take note of the motorcycle by writing down the license plate, or snapping a quick picture with your smart phone and email it off to Luis Ferreira via email


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  1. Greg O'Donohue says:

    Hi there –

    I really appreciated your article – thanks. I’m wondering if you know of someone in Luis Ferreirra’s equivalent role in Toronto – I recently moved into a building on Avenue Road south of St. Clair and am awakened 4,5,6 times EVERY night by vehicles with “altered” exhausts. Surely 100,000 people’s need for a decent sleep trumps these folks ego trips … let’s at least hope so!

    Many thanks,


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