Beamsville, Trails and Grazers: Oakville Sommelier

Beamsville Bench Vineyard Trail
Beamsville, Trails and Grazers: Oakville Sommelier
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Cynthia Silversides

Cynthia Silversides

Cynthia Silversides is an accredited Sommelier certified by both the Court of Master Sommeliers (CMS) and Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers (CAPS). Passionate about great wine, food, and travel experiences, Cynthia is owner of Niagara Vino providing tutored wine tasting and tour services in the Niagara Peninsula wine region of Ontario, Canada.Follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

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June 1st was the first day of the fifth annual Graze the Bench event in Beamsville, a celebration of area wineries with local chefs preparing the food and bands supplying the grooves. This was also the opening date of the brand new Beamsville Bench Vineyard Trail (BBVT) funded by Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation and the Beamsville Bench Winery Association. The BBVT is a low impact trail spanning 4.5 kilometres through the vineyards of Fielding Estate Winery, The Organized Crime Winery, Hidden Bench Vineyards and Winery, Thirty Bench Wine Makers, Rosewood Estates Winery, and Angels Gate Winery. There are also scenic side trails, one that can be accessed from Peninsula Ridge Estates Winery, and the other accessed from Angels Gate which connects to the Bruce Trail. To guide you there are approximately 150 yellow trail markers visible on end posts, trees, and other items along the foot paths.

On Day 1 of the event my husband and I decided to visit wineries located on the Upper Loop. Beginning at Hidden Bench we sipped our first glass of wine, a Pinot Noir, and enjoyed the grooves of Soul Jam. We took the vineyard walk up to Organized Crime and sipped some Pipe Down, a red blend. Then it was on through the marked vineyard rows and up to the highest point of the trail. At Fielding we got our next glass of wine shortly before the skies opened up. So we sipped their Pinot Gris while the rain cooled everything off. A fun part of our great grazing adventure this year!

Day 2 found us first at Peninsula Ridge where we sipped both their Sauvignon Blanc and Arcanum, a red blend. The food here was so good! We savoured the salmon dish which came from their restaurant while enjoying the grooves of Broken Cadence. Afterwards we drove to one of the Lower Loop wineries. At Thirty Bench we sipped their Rosé while checking out their gorgeous views and Farmer’s Market including Cherry Lane – their Concentrated Tart Cherry Juice filled with Montmorency cherries and Dried Cherries are phenomenal. On to Angels Gate for a glass of Cabernet Shiraz and a wood fired pizza slice. Then a terrific ending to this weekend was time spent at Rosewood sipping their very intriguing and delicious Mead Noir while listening and dancing to grooves by Tianna H Jazz with a Twist.

As you may have noticed, there are many different types of wines to try in Beamsville! Thinking about wine, what’s happening in Oakville? The Oakville Wine Enthusiasts Club is having their “Year-end BBQ and Tasting” on June 21st with Apparition Wines & Spirits as the presenter, and live music by the club’s house band The Land Sharks. If you are looking to venture into Toronto during June, the Toronto Wine & Spirit Festival is happening at Sugar Beach, and Sip & Savour Ontario is taking place at the Historic Distillery District.

So there you have it: Beamsville, Trails and Grazers


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