Big stories of 2017 that made a difference

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Big stories of 2017 that made a difference
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Nolan A Machan

Nolan Machan is the Publisher of OakvilleNews.Org and has over 41 years of local Oakville knowledge. He is committed to providing Oakville residents with the most up-to-date information about our great town.

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From police crime, events, restaurants, weather, to real estate development, the big stories made a difference.

Oakville residents focused on what happened locally.

The top stories made a difference. During 2017 Oakville residents looked out for each other. Residents looked for missing people, and helped the police find suspects. We care.

The big stories of 2017 started off with:

  1. 13 Year Old Oakville Teenager is Missing: Police Request Assistance
  2. Found: Safa Mushtaq – missing person – Police request assistance
  3. Bronte 12 Year Old is Found: Police Request Assistance
  4. Halton Police Staff Sergeant Brad Murray Arrested
  5. Oakville’s Jared Gould Arrested for Sexual Offence

From performances at the Oakville Centre to the 150 Canada Day celebrations in Bronte Oakville residents attended local events. Oakvillians read our events section repeadedly. This is why Oakville News’ Events Listings are the most comprehensive. 

On a positive note, residents have a sense of humour. Our contribution to annual April fools day pranks, Bridge Gate was read thousands of times.

Thankfully, Oakvillians cared about where they ate. Residents debated which local restaurants should have been included in Oakville’s Top 10 restaurants post. Ferociously, the community commented  on Facebook. With very definite opinions about what constitutes a top restaurant, the community illustrated that they care about where we eat, and have. This bodes well for chefs and budding restauranteurs. Oakville residents support great places to eat.

In 2017, weather was a very hot topic. Environment Canada issued several warnings, alerts, and statements. Starting in the spring, the record breaking event was the flooding caused by the historic high water levels of Lake Ontario flooding. It caused havoc. For most of the summer, town staff closed Coronation Park. In December 2017, Readers read the first issued alert. 

Big Weather Stories of 2017:

Winter Weather Alert issued for December 11 to 12, 2017

Lake Ontario Flood of 2017

Glen Abbey Golf Course debate of 2017

Finally, the Glen Abbey Redevelopment proposal by Clublink caused an uproar. Well in advance of the proposal Councillors had asked staff to determine if Glen Abbey Golf Course could be designated as a historic property. In 2017, town council designated the Glen Abbey Golf Course as a cultural heritage landscape. It may protect the property. Local residents, town staff and I wrote 12 articles. 

In conclusion, the multitude of topics and perspectives made 2017 an interesting year. Already, 2018 is starting off with a events that will undoubtedly create big stories. Happy New Year.




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