Bringing the Environment to the Forefront: A Federal Liberal Candidate’s Perspective

Championing Clean Air, Water and Jobs for the residents of Oakville North-Burlington

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Bringing the Environment to the Forefront: A Federal Liberal Candidate’s Perspective
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Pam Damoff

Pam Damoff

Pam Damoff, a politician, community activist and business professional with over 25 years’ corporate experience on Bay Street, was elected to represent the riding of Oakville North-Burlington in the House of Commons in the 2015 federal election. Prior to the election, Pam served as an Oakville Town Councillor from 2010-2015.

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Oakville and Burlington both have a long tradition of establishing and maintaining strong, healthy environments for their residents. As a result, the Oakville North–Burlington riding is home to some of the most beautiful green spaces in the province.

As a long-time resident and a Town Councillor, we must continue to make protecting and preserving our environment a top priority, not just for today, but for future generations.

That’s why, when Liberal Party of Canada Leader Justin Trudeau recently presented a new plan for real change, with a special focus on protecting our environment, I knew it was the right plan for our country, and our community. He shares my determination to take real action on climate change, create clean jobs, invest in clean technologies, and reinstate federal funding for science and research. It’s a plan I’m proud of.

Here is the Liberal’s Environmental Policy


As Councillor, I received unanimous support for my motion to prioritize the environment in the Town’s decision making, and call on the federal government to recognize every Canadian’s right to safe, clean drinking water, air and food.

I’ve championed public transit, cycling and walking as a way to improve air quality – with the recent bike corral I spearheaded preventing 3.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions alone. I’ve also worked with council to bring clean industries and new jobs to Halton Region, while protecting our green spaces, parks, and local trail system. As your MP, I want to bring that same environmental focus to Ottawa.

On October 19, I’m asking you to consider the environment we live in today, and the one that our children will inherit. I’m asking for your vote.



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Readers Comments (2)

  1. John McLaughlin says:

    While I respect Ms. Damoff’s views – I don’t recall Oakville Town Council purchasing or commissioning a single electric or hybrid bus for Oakville Transit – which reduces greenhouse gases enormously, VOG’s, improves air quality, saves the environment, leads in innovation, saves operating costs and would increase ridership.

  2. Gordon Brennan says:

    Pam does work hard to protect our natural environment, however, she should be more vigilant on obtaining filters for all the toxic plumes of diesel smoke that is and will be coming from the new Hospital (6) stacks that will be polluting our air-shed.

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