Bronte Fish and Chips celebrates 50 years of success

Bronte Fish and Chips
Bronte Fish and Chips celebrates 50 years of success
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Opened by Mr. and Mrs. Thies, Bronte Fish and Chips celebrates its 50th anniversary. The restaurant located at 2313 Lakeshore Road West has never moved. It is a Bronte fixture,  known for serving high quality food at affordable prices. The restaurant provides an excellent example of how to create a successful business and life.

In the beginning Mr. Thies operated the restaurant. He did the difficult jobs such as peeling the 100’s of pounds of potatoes required daily. He also hired one extra person.

Bronte Fish and ChipsSeven years later they bought the building, which they stated was the best investment they ever made. The other shops and tenants paid the mortgage along with the money that they were paying in rent was building an investment. The building became their retirement nest egg, a great business model.

Purchasing the building a restaurant or retail shop occupies achieves:

  1. protection from major rent increases
  2. building a tangible asset

It is achieved once the business creates a stable income, and profits start to build. It is important that the proprietor does not increase their personal income and life style, but rather uses that additional income to purchase a tangible asset. Often the first purchase  seems overwhelming, but it is like purchasing a person’s first home.

The success of the business allowed Mr. & Mrs. Thies to raise five children. All of their children have worked in the business. There they learned the meaning of a dollar, a great work ethic, and providing excellent customer service.

The children also learned the importance of a life work balance. Their restaurant has always been closed on Sundays and Mondays. They also took two annual vacations: Christmas and one in the summer.

Several years ago, Mr. Thies decided it was time to retire and was planning to sell the business to a close friend. Just before the deal closed, his daughter Simone Waddell and son-in-law Todd Waddell decided to buy the business. Todd had years of in-depth restaurant experience, and Simone had a solid business background.

“We realized that the success of the business would provide us with a great living,” stated Simone. “Our children now work in the business, and are learning all the same things we learned.” Currently, the three Waddell daughters want Bronte Fish and Chips to remain in the family.

“You really get to know your customers. We regularly get invited to our customers’ occasions. In one special case a widow and widower (regular customers and met at the shop) got married, “ commented Simone with a smile.

Bronte Fish and Chips prices over the years

For an order for Halibut and Chips was

  1. 1968 – $060
  2. 1997 – $8.95
  3. 2018 – $15.45

The menu items have increased; however, the dedication to customer service and food quality have remained the same. Simone and Todd look forward to serving customers at Bronte Fish and Chips for many more years.


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