Bronte Holds its Regional & Municipal Candidates’ Meeting

Mayor suggests Bronte Residents should check their math at Ward 1 All Candidates' Meeting

Bronte Holds its Regional & Municipal Candidates’ Meeting
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To a packed house at the Queen Elizabeth Cultural and Community Centre’s Black Box Theatre, Ward 1 residents held their all candidates’ meeting. Everyone campaigning was in attendance, including Greg Warchol who was not allowed to participate even though he is a candidate for Mayor.

There were four panels that made up the event: those running for the regional chair, the mayor’s seat, regional and town council’s seat and town council’s seat.

The big issues for Ward 1 appeared to be the lack of interest in Bronte Village, the traffic congestion found on its roads, and state of it’s harbor. Depending on the question raised the appropriate panel was asked to reply.

The lack of interest in Bronte by town council was put to the candidates for Mayor, and they were asked to comment on how this could be rectified.

Candidate Brennan agreed that there are serious issues facing Bronte, which are not being taken seriously by council. Mayor Burton responded, that he was surprised and suggested that they needed to brush up on their math. He explained that he couldn’t understand why the residents felt this disenfranchised because he believed town council considered Bronte a valuable part of town. Finally, Mr. McLaughlin turned the question back on the Mayor, by indicating that Bronte residents were being treated poorly and Mr. Burton was clearly to blame due to mismanagement, overspending, and double speak.

Then a question was asked to the candidates running for town and regional council, about the problems with congestion, and what they could do to alleviate the problem.

Linda Oliver pointed out that this was an issue that was brought forward to council when she was president of the Bronte Village Residents’ Association, and suggested that the Wyecroft Bridge should be built. Alan Johnson, the incumbent indicated that studies were underway and that an underpass at Burloak and the train track would eliviate the problem. Sean O’Meara was quick out the gate indicating that Bronte was not on the agenda, and neither were any of the projects which included the Wyecroft Bridge and an underpass at the Burloak train tracks. Sean quipped that if he heard another politician say it was under review he’d be a millionaire. The audience gave O’Meara a hearty round of applause in appreciation.

Town councillor candidates were asked about how they would resolve the issue and mess surrounding the feuding landlords of Bronte Mall.

Ralph Robinson indicated that he has done everything possible, but admitted it was a mess. Stephen Maloney outlined that this was a business problem that should be able to be resolved. It wasn’t a huge issue, but said if the current administration couldn’t deal with it, they should step aside and let someone who could. Again the crowd applauded loudly.

Other issues were brought forward from who is ultimately responsible for the Harbor, to what could be done about McMansions popping up all over the ward. Ideas were bantered about, but the general gist from the incumbents was that it is all being looked after, and communtiy should re-elect the tried and true of the current council. The challenging candidates clearly stated that the town was not looking after the best interests of Bronte, and the community needed to make a change.


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  1. Tom Howes says:

    I have been a resident of ward 1 for 20 yrs and have voted on every occasion. I for one absolutely thought that the gong show was back during the debate. I cannot believe that our sitting mayor really believes he has the team to move forward for the next 4 years. We have some excellent candidates running and Mr Burton seems oblivious. His way or no way! Well he should look out in ward 1 since there are some thoroughbreds ready to win that race.I for one will help them win in every way I can. Just my opinion, Tom

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