Bronte’s East & Lake Proposed Mixed Condo brought planning concerns to the forefront

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Bronte’s East & Lake Proposed Mixed Condo brought planning concerns to the forefront
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Sean O’Meara the Town and Regional Councillor for Ward 1 notified residents via email, that the report prepared the Town of Oakville Planning Department for the property located at 2266 Lakeshore Rd W and 83 East Street deny the request for a zoning amendment. The proposal would have seen a 20 story mixed used building rise, which is drastically different than what is allowed under current zoning.

The full report can be found on the Town of Oakville’s website, Oakville.ca. 

Original Post: March 22, 2016 at 11:00 AM

A large number of well-informed residents attended the Council Planning and Development meeting on March 21, 2016 at town hall. It was regarding the proposed development of 2266 Lakeshore Road West and 83 East Street.

The developer has submitted a completed proposal that would allow a 17 story mixed use condominium, with 5 story underground parking garage. The current site is zoned to allow a four story mixed use building with retail at grade, and an additional 2 stories through bonusing.

Bonus stories are awarded to the project if the builder provides with additional elements that benefit the community at large. A bonus might be setting aside additional green space, or making a design so that the project has a low carbon footprint.

The meeting is designed to allow various delegations to ask questions, and voice their perspectives prior to council to making a decision. This option for public consultation has been part of Oakville town planning for several years.

Prior to delegations being heard, Mayor Rob Burton stated clearly that no decision will be made at this meeting, but rather this was an opportunity for council to understand the perspective of the various delegations.

A total of 11 delegations presented. Eight were asking council to reject the proposal, and three were asking council to accept the proposal. Reasons sited for rejecting the proposal included: safety issues due to a zero lot line garage door, over intensification, lack of green space, and it not meeting with current zoning. The three delegations supporting the project were the developer’s land planner, the architect who designed the building, and one resident who was inspired by the design.

Shelley Thornborrow

Shelley Thornborrow, VP of Bronte Village Residents Association presented the view of her community to council. Photo Credit: Oakville News

Town council has 180 days after receiving a completed proposal to make a decision, which in this case is June 8, 2016. Should council not provide the applicant with a decision, the Ontario Municipal Board is asked to make a decision. The next planning and development meeting regarding this proposal will be on May 16, 2016. At that time, council will hear the recommendation from the Town’s Planning Department, and render a decision.

Prior to the meeting the developer and stakeholders have the opportunity to meet and find enough common ground to allow the application to proceed with little more discussion, or the proposal can be left as is. Should town council decide to reject the proposal, then the developer has the option to appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board who would render a final decision.

For more information about this project you can find the proposal for on the Town’s website: Conceptual Site Plan & Rendering.


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