Canada Post Community Mail Box Update

Town Council's Resolution for the preservation of Canada Post's Door-to-door Delivery

Canada Post Community Mail Box
Canada Post Community Mail Box Update
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Dave Gittings

Dave Gittings

Councillor Dave Gittings and his wife Susan have resided in Ward 3 for the past 25 plus years. Their three children attended Chisholm, EJ James Public School, and Oakville Trafalgar High School.Recently after a 30-year career in advertising management at the Toronto Star, this is Dave's first term as Town & Regional Councillor.Dave has been actively involved in both the business community and with a wide range of Oakville associations and groups.

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Canada Post Corporation (CPC) representatives have started to visit residents adjacent to proposed Community Mail Box Locations to advise them of the location.

I have been receiving calls from residents who are confused or upset over the location(s) that have been selected by CPC. Town Councillors have a map showing the DRAFT locations for these boxes. As these maps are DRAFT and the property of CPC, I have been advised that I am not allowed to post them or link them to this newsletter. If you would like further information or your area’s DRAFT location, please let me know.

“Canada Post, not the municipality, is choosing the mailbox locations,” – says a senior Canada Post official.

CPC has exclusive jurisdiction over the location of their Community Mail Boxes. Neither the town nor Oakville Council had, or has, any say over CPC’s decision to discontinue door-to-door mail delivery. Further, CPC even has the right to use our public road allowance for its post boxes and community mailboxes; therefore, Building Permits are not required for the construction or placement of these units. You may contact CPC at 1-800-267-1177 and your federal MP Terence Young at or at 905-338-2008 to make sure that they are aware of your concerns.

A number of residents have contacted me stating that the CPC representative told them that the Town of Oakville had selected/approved the locations. When asked about these allegations, a senior CPC official provided the following response:

“I want to reassure you that our teams have undergone thorough training for the customer contact phase and have been instructed repeatedly to tell customers that Canada Post, not the municipality, is choosing the mailbox locations. Our team members also carry identification and do provide a name. If you do get a concern raised by an Oakville resident and you do not have the name of the Canada Post representative, I will be able to make inquiries if I have the resident’s name and address, including postal code, which will lead me to the mailbox site.”

I have also been in touch directly with the team lead who has told me: “The community outreach team in Oakville is very cognizant of the situation with the town and are NOT telling residents that the town is choosing/approving any of the sites. Even with that response, we are reminding our teams to NOT say in any way that the town is deciding on the locations.”

As you have experienced, it can be a very emotionally charged issue and in that environment, the messages may sometimes be misheard or simply don’t get through. Please do not hesitate to pass along your residents’ concerns to us and our teams will address them.”


Canada Post Community MailboxThe following motion was passed at the May 26th meeting of Town Council:

Preserving Canada Post Door-to-door Delivery
WHEREAS Canada Post has announced plans to cease door-to-door delivery in Oakville and other communities;

WHEREAS many citizens, especially seniors and persons with disabilities, will be impacted by this change; and

WHEREAS issues of concern for the Town of Oakville related to the placement of the new community mailboxes include, but are not limited to, access for seniors and persons with disabilities, the location of the boxes and impacts to adjacent properties, traffic, parking, land use policy, street lighting, littering, graffiti removal, theft and vandalism, snow and ice clearance, downloading of responsibilities and costs;


THAT the Federal Government direct Canada Post to maintain the current system of residential door-to-door postal delivery in Canada and that the Federation of Canadian Municipalities be requested to support this motion; and

THAT a copy of this resolution be sent to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the Association of Municipalities of Ontario, the Region of Halton, City of Burlington, Town of Milton, Town of Halton Hills, local Members of Parliament and Members of Provincial Parliament and Canada Post.


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Readers Comments (8)

  1. hank says:

    Wonder how much this process is costing? For a company that is ‘supposedly’ losing money it’s amazing that they have the funds to restructure the whole system AND place new CMB’s in all communities across Canada!! Wonder where all the ‘old’ CMB’S are going!

    • R Labelle says:

      I bet
      South America, with the old sorting machines.

  2. D. Cherney says:

    No CMB please.

  3. G. Gardner says:

    Fight it. Contact your MP. Email Canada Post. The Corporation still reports that the public wants this change. They lie. WE DO NOT WANT IT!!!!!

  4. Mike says:

    Canada Post wants to put a CMB on your lawn? Plant a tree there instead. Build a gazebo. Plant a garden. If you don’t use it, you will lose it.

  5. Sandy says:

    Canada Post has spent huge amounts of money on brand new vehicles for us all, brand new equipment in the depots, new lighting and renovations, sorting cases and carts…..wonder where all that money came from?

  6. M says:

    If they put one on my easement I would take them to court —- for the reduction in property value & would take any and all other actions available to me, under the laws of this country, to make in unpalatable and unprofitable for them!!!! This is a bad decision and there are so many other options available — that when contacted they refused to even listen too.

  7. Christie says:

    Have you people not read the papers? Every other post office in the world is experiencing financial issues with the decline in letter mail. When is the last time you mailed something? How many of you have switched to online statements? I don’t know about you but I am not willing to have to pay for Canada Post with my tax money. I know it was convenient to get door to door delivery but the reality is that it is now a luxury that people are just not willing to pay for through much higher stamp prices or through higher taxes. 2/3 of the country is already on CMB. Get with the times Oakville.

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