Canada Road Safety Week: time to be extra careful!

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Canada Road Safety Week: time to be extra careful!
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Detective Barry Malciw

Detective Barry Malciw

Detective Barry Malciw was the Media Relations Officer for the Halton Regional Police Services. He is a detective of the Halton Regional Police Oakville Criminal Investigations Bureau – Robbery Team.

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For the next seven days, until the end of the Victoria Day weekend, motorists who travel anywhere within the Region of Halton – from our urban centres to our rural areas – can expect to see an increased Police presence on our roadways.

How can you avoid being stopped by a Halton Police officer?

1. Drive now, call & text later. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of motor vehicle collisions.

2. If you drink, don’t drive. Impaired driving remains the leading criminal cause of death on Ontario roadways. Halton Drug Recognition officers are also reminding drivers that drugs & driving don’t mix either.

3. If you’re under 22yrs of age, don’t drink & drive period. You must have a zero blood alcohol level to operate a motor vehicle in Ontario.

4. Buckle up. Over 700 Halton motorists were charged in 2015 with failing to wear a seatbelt. What’s holding you back?

5. Slow down! Speed kills. Remember, we’ll see you before you see us. Speed limits will be enforced!

Motorists found in contravention may be subject to arrest & charges, including licence suspensions, vehicle seizures and costly fines. Halton Police encourages all road users to obey the rules of the road.

Do your part and make our roadways safe for everyone.

If you observe a vehicle being operated in a manner which places you, or anyone else in danger, please call 911 for an immediate police response.



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