Canada Summer Jobs Program 2018 – celebrating success

Canada Summer Jobs Program 2018
Canada Summer Jobs Program 2018  – celebrating success

We celebrated at Kerr Street Mission with some of Oakville’s students and local organizations who benefited from the Canada Summer Jobs Program 2018 (CSJ) funding of $1,062,284.

This funding helped create 374 jobs in Oakville for 126 employers, and provided invaluable experience to summer students, while also supporting small businesses and organizations become more innovative, competitive, and successful.

The CSJ Program provides wage subsidies to employers to create summer positions for secondary and post-secondary students. The program funds:

  1. not-for-profit organizations
  2. public sector employers
  3. small businesses

Meaningful, quality summer job experience makes a big difference in a young person’s career by creating those opportunities in our communities.

Over the summer, I  visited with recipients of Canada Summer Jobs funding. I could not be more proud of the quality of work experience these students received. I am always amazed by the diverse positions created through this program from summer camp counsellors to communications associates, and animal care attendants. Now these students have worked in positions that reflect their area of study, as well as gained transferable skills to future careers.

To all the organizations and businesses that provided this gainful experience, thank you. To all students on their successful placement, congratulations.

For many young Canadians, a summer job is a way to learn new skills, gain valuable work experience for their resumes, as well as earn some money towards their upcoming school year. Thanks to CSJ, young Canadians in Oakville and from across the country were able to access thousands of summer jobs opportunities with local employers.

Young Canadians need access to more opportunities in order to develop the right skills for today’s labour market and prepare for the jobs of the future. That’s why the Federal Government has doubled the number of jobs available for students through the Canada Summer Jobs program.

“When young people have opportunities to get experience and build their skills, they can unlock their potential and count on a better, brighter future,” said the Honourable Patty Hajdu, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour.

Some of Oakville’s Canada Summer Jobs organizations and students expressed the meaningful work, experience, and skill-building this program offered for them.

Canada Summer Jobs Program 2018 Students

Alexa Jones
Assistant to the Registered Veterinary Technician
Oakville & Milton Humane Society
University of Guelph

“When you’re looking to gain practical experience in your future career field, it can be difficult when you’re still a student as employers look to hire those who have finished their schooling. With the summer student program, I found a job working with experienced people in my future field, and from them I have learned such valuable skills for my career path and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Alysa Hyder
Public Education Assistant
SAVIS of Halton
McMaster University

“Canada Summer Jobs gave me the incredible opportunity to work for the Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention Services (SAVIS) of Halton; a not-for-profit supporting survivors of violence. Being able to support an organization like this, while gaining valuable skills has made this summer my most fruitful yet. I have no doubt what I’ve learned here will aid me in my future as I continue into my Master’s degree.”

Aidan Tyrrel
Student Senior Leader
Wai Nui Canoe Club

“Over the summer I was the senior leader for the kids summer camps as well as coaching in the senior program. I loved being able to share my knowledge from years of experience paddling and competing with both kids and adults. On top of that this position allowed me to better my leadership skills in a more senior role as well as develop organizational skills. Moving on from this summer I now feel more comfortable in lead positions as well as on the big Lake Ontario waves!”

Katrine Handley-Derry
Education Program Developer – Halton Green Screens
University of Toronto Scarborough

“I worked with the Halton Green Screens, a program of the Halton Environmental Network. Halton Green Screens is an organization that aims to encourage environmental action through creative initiatives engaging a very diverse community of all different ages. I loved working with the Halton Green Screens, especially helping to put together its first-ever Amateur Film Festival. This experience has provided me the opportunity to grow skills that I had always wanted to develop and the confidence to keep making a difference in my community.”

Natalia Cecillon
Inclusion Facilitator, Cheerleading Instructor – Appleby College
Dalhousie University

“Working this summer with Appleby Camps has given me a hands on experience for the workforce I will be entering. It has helped me further understand the content I have learned throughout my degree in recreation and disability management courses. It has helped me realize through this experience that this is 100% the path I want to follow upon graduation (all thanks to Appleby Camps staff & campers!)”

Tiffany Dang
Canadian Tapestry & Texture Centre

“Working at the Canadian Tapestry and Texture Centre (CTTC) was an unforgettable experience not only because of the learning experience that was gained, but also because of the environment that the CTTC proudly holds itself up to. It is an organization that promotes heritage, culture, and art forms of all types that should be embraced and preserved. My position as the visual designer for the CTTC allowed me to work on projects related to my field of study at Sheridan. I was able to compile projects and solve problems that would help further advance my studies in school, and enable me to handle any similar problems that I may find in my future.”

Canada Summer Jobs Program 2018 Employers

Cheryl Prentice, RECE
Executive Director – Thistleoaks Child Care Centre

“The Canada Summer job program was fabulous! It allowed us to meet all the needs of the children and families and supported an exceptional summer. The students brought enthusiasm, creativity and a fresh perspective to the centre. The opportunity to work alongside students with different educational training added to the unique diversity of the centre and programs. We are extremely grateful to have been part of such a successful initiative.”

Larissa Mendonca
Marketing and Communication Coordinator – STEM Camp

“Canada Summer Jobs is a vital program for STEM Camp. As a not-for-profit summer camp, CSJ allows us to hire well-qualified students to be part of our team as Camp Directors, Education Program Coordinators and Counsellors. Our mission is to inspire Canadian youth in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and with our fantastic staff, we can make it happen in over 45 locations across Ontario. In sum, STEM Camp would not be possible without the support of CSJ.”

Kim McDonald
Recreation Assistant, Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Facilities – Town of Oakville

“Our students (Summer Camp Staff) are an essential part for running Town of Oakville Summer Camps. They are the backbone to our programming and customer service with Town of Oakville Camps. Our Camps wouldn’t run as efficiently and effectively without them. They put so much time and effort into their positions and are very passionate about their job. They have made a positive impact to hundreds of children Town wide and we can’t thank them enough for being a part of a successful Summer!”

Andrea Barker, AHT
Manager, Animal Care – Oakville & Milton Humane Society
“Summer is the busiest time of year for us, so having a summer student to help with the workload is invaluable. Having someone with some basic skills in our field already makes it a much easier experience for both us and her, and we hope that her time with us gives her skills that she can carry with her throughout her career!”

“The Canada Summer Jobs program gives our youth meaningful work and experience as they begin their careers while also supporting local organizations that help our community thrive,” said Mayor Rob Burton.


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