Car Review: Ford EDGE Global Edition

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Car Review: Ford EDGE Global Edition
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Over the past several months, the parking places around Oakville’s Ford Assembly facility have been bumper to bumper with the new 2015 EDGE. The 2015 EDGE is now available for sale. However, what makes this SUV particularly important to our community is the global significance it brings to Oakville. It is Oakville’s first global car.

If you saw a new 2015 red Ford EDGE in town this week, you might have been looking at one of Ford’s latest entries into the global car market. A great deal of hype has gone in to the release of the 2015 EDGE which many of us believed would release in January 2015. Well, instead of having marketing wag the tail of the dog, manufacturing made the decision to hold the release until the kinks were ironed out.

Ford EDGE 2015, Front Interior

Front interior of the new Ford EDGE 2015; Photo Credit: OakvilleNews.Org

The EDGE we were given to drive was a top of the line Sports edition which has every available option. The retail price is $45,199.00 vs the entry level which starts at $31,999.00.  The big differences between the models are bells and whistles such as park assist, a 2.7L Eco-Boost engine, stiffer suspension, and higher end tires.

Visually both inside and out the new EDGE is fundamentally a new car, with very few nods to it predecessor. The exterior styling is aggressive and curvaceous, the interior is ergonomic, giving you a feeling of being hugged. Looks are extremely subjective, so let’s stick to the facts. I’m a 5-11″  large man, and as such I found the car comfortable, with just one exception. My left knee was almost always touching the side door. Not a big deal, but after a long drive I started to notice it.

The rest of the car is generous in size, allowing four adults my size to be comfortable. The rear seated passengers’ knees were not touching the back of the front seats. This is a pet peeve of mine, because I want the people riding in the rear to be comfortable.

Rear view, Ford 2015 EDGE

Rear view, Ford 2015 EDGE; Photo Credit: OakvilleNews.Org

The EDGE handled well during typical driving conditions, such a getting in and out of  parking spots. The turning radius is tight, giving you more maneuverability. It’s is significantly quieter than the 2014 EDGE, and has a more comfortable ride. However, when you are taking corners, the car hugs the road giving the driver good road feel. A couple of the unique features of a Ford is park assist. It is where the car parallel parks itself.

I tried out the park assist on Lakeshore Road in Downtown Oakville. It worked extremely well, once I realized I had the use the brake to control the speed. There is something very science fiction about having a car park itself. Another safety feature was lane assist which keeps you in the lane, unless you turn on the indicator. Again, it felt odd to have the EDGE correct itself while travelling at 100km/h on the QEW. If you insist on switching lanes with out the indicator on, once the car is directly over the dotted line, the steering wheel vibrates.

Other safety features which were particularly useful were the review camera, which shows you exactly how the car will fit into the spot as you reverse; and nn the side view mirrors, a yellow light appears to notify you that a car is in your blind spot. If you turn on your indicator, the light starts to blink.

Ford 2015 EDGE - Rear Tailgate

Ford 2015 EDGE – Rear Tailgate; Photo Credit: OakvilleNews.Org

Finally, a handy feature for all those whose hands a full, and need to open the tailgate. Well, with the 2015 EDGE you can simple move your foot under the tailgate and it opens automatically, and will close automatically as well.

Did I enjoy the new 2015 EDGE, yes. I’ve always liked this vehicle, and the new version did put a smile on my face. The other element that really hopes that you’ll consider driving the new EDGE is the fact that over 4500 people are employed on the plant floor in Oakville. It brings buying local to a whole new level.


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