Celebrate Paris with the Oakville Museum: A French Connection

Celebrate Paris with the Oakville Museum: A French Connection
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Carolyn Cross

Carolyn Cross

Carolyn Cross is the Curator of Collections for the town of Oakville Museum. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from McGill University and earned her Master of Fine Arts from Concordia University. Carolyn became the Curator in 2007.

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“Paris is always a good idea”, said Audrey Hepburn in the 1954 movie, Sabrina. Ah, but springtime in Paris! Equating springtime in the City of Light with extreme bliss is somewhat of a cliché.

The cheerful mood permeates Paris in the spring. Capture it this winter. The museum artifacts bring the splendor of this charismatic city to Oakville


Photo Credit: Oakville Museum

You don’t have to carry a baguette under your arm to be considered a Francophile. People have been enamoured with France for centuries. Taking inspiration from artifacts within the Oakville Museum’s collection, it appears that residents, past and present, shared an enduring love of France and a penchant for French things.

There is a ‘je ne sais quoi’ and an allure to the charms of Paris. It is as hard to define as love itself. Paris and perhaps France in general, continues as a destination of florid romanticism in popular imagination for time immemorial.

A perception reinforced by food, film, song and literature. After all, what is France for if not to represent culture, elegance and pleasure?

The artifacts curated within this exhibit all have “A French Connection.” Many of the objects on display are from France, worn in France or tell a story about residents who lived in France.

Appreciated aspects of French culture such as fashion, art and cuisine are represented including:

  1. A sophisticated 1957 tweed coat from the House of Lanvin,
  2. An elegant Art Deco bronze bas-relief by Édouard-Pierre Blin
  3. A refined 1920s hand-painted dessert plate from the William Guérin porcelain factory

Other objects and stories exemplify the unique character of various regions of France such as:

  1. Delicate pieces of Point de Beauvais embroidery from Bourg-le-Roi
  2. stylish prêt-a-porter ensembles from Paris
  3. exquisite china from Limoges

They all come together in this exhibit.

So if Paris is not on your winter travel itinerary, celebrate Paris at Oakville Museum’s exhibition: “A French Connection”.  The exhibit takes you there.

The exhibit runs until March 17, and is at the QE Park Community and Cultural Centre.


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