Che Marville, NDP Candidate, states, “We Deserve Better, Why I Support Andrea Horwath”

Andrea Horwarth NDP Leader 2014 Election Ontario
Che Marville, NDP Candidate, states, “We Deserve Better, Why I Support Andrea Horwath”
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Che Marville

Che Marville

Che is the Principal at Che Marville Consulting and the Strategic Advisor for a national senior’s wellness program for Retirement Communities. She was Senior Advisor for Human Resources and Wellbeing for the University Health Network in Toronto. She was the Program Leader and Chair for the first Employee Health and Wellness Center for St Joseph Hamilton Healthcare. She has worked with thousands of health professionals and created multiple programs focused on reducing sick time and absenteeism for Health Professionals in Ontario. She was Co-Founder of the Children’s Own Media Museum Inspired by Marshall McLuhan and Co-Developer of the Clarity Centre for Mindfulness. She started her career as Researcher and Project Manager for the Ontario Science Centre and lead the development of a series of ground breaking exhibitions and programs for sixteen years. She has thirty years of experience in the volunteer sector starting at Toronto Western Hospital in 1983 and has lived in Oakville for thirteen years and is active community member. Recently she ran for provincial office in the spring for Oakville of 2014 and recently she was elected to the Ontario NDP’s executive as Co- Vice president.

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OakvilleNews.Org is providing unedited space for each provincial candidate. OakvilleNews.Org does not endorse or support any political party. In this instalment we asked for a response to the recent budget which triggered this election.

For weeks people were speculating on what Andrea Horwath would do with the Wynne budget and now we know. It was not an easy or simple decision and in our sound-bite instant gratification culture, many politicians are more preoccupied with image and optics than ethics and accountability.

Understandably there is a lack of trust that diminishes our opportunity to flourish, to be of service to one another in our shared democracy, shared economy and shared ecosystem. It’s hard to talk about hope when our actions are contrary.

The back-drop to this budget is the province’s debt of over 200 billion, the thousands of people all across the province out of work and the numerous scandals. The Liberal budget has no plan to get the basics done, like creating jobs, lowering hydro rates, and making life more affordable. It’s about campaigning.

The Liberal government has presented a so-called progressive election budget that is more about what the so-called left would like than like than an actual detailed strategy and transformative vision for families. In fact it was Andrea Horwath who first proposed the idea for the Ontario Pension Plan four years ago that was voted down by the Liberals. Here is the transcript of the Legislative Assembly, May 11, 2010 on Pension Reform.

There is a well-established and proven behavioural principle that the best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour. Habitual behaviour is one of the most difficult patterns to change, it requires acknowledgement, a desire to change and deliberate sustained attention. The Liberals have spent years and billions of dollars that have yet to be accounted for, Tim Hudak’s Conservatives postured and put up road blocks rather than collaborate. The NDP tried to work with the Liberal government in exchange for support on three-fundamental matters:

1) Establish a Financial Accountability Office, to be in place by December 2013
2) Increase resources and salaries for home care and home care workers
3) Lower auto insurance costs by 15%

The Liberals made these three promises that they could not fulfill. There have been many chances, now we have to engage, we have vote, we have to expect something better. We cannot be afraid to demand more from our government, we have to demand that they stop playing cynical games with our lives, respect our taxes, innovate, change, create jobs, strengthen the middle class, strengthen youth opportunity and guard our environment.

People deserve a government that is accountable.



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