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Children supported by ArtHouse for 10 years

Children supported by ArtHouse for 10 years
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About the Author

Don Pangman

Don Pangman

Don Pangman is the long time resident of Oakville, who has dedicated himself to supporting various causes in the town. His current passion is ArtHouse where he is both the Founder and Executive Director. Recently, Don created the ArtHouse Festival Series where he is the Artistic Director.

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“Thank you to everyone at ArtHouse for thinking of our children and sending them a message that they matter and that anything is possible.”

As we look back on 10 years of growth, that comment from a parent pretty much sums up the outcomes we have always looked for in our programs. And what has really resonated is how this powerful catalyst called the arts has transformed so many young lives we have touched over those years; how it may have positively impacted life at home, helped young people develop new friendships and how it may just have had an influence on their school work, and even planted some dreams about their careers.

The research has always pointed to outcomes that include positive physical, social and emotional well-being, confidence and creativity. And for those without the luxury of access to Arts Programs, there is a strong possibility they could fall behind academically and emotionally, particularly if they are already living in vulnerable circumstances. Our goal has always been to provide that level playing field for as many as possible without access to the arts.

ArtHouse has thrived because of strategic partnerships; organizations that embrace all that we can bring to them to support their children.

Strategic Partners

  1. Reach Out Centre for Kids
  2. Children’s Aid Society
  3. Halton Community Housing
  4. Food For Life
  5. Nelson Youth Centre
  6. Halton Multicultural Council
  7. School Boards, their Principals and Staff
  8. Halton Regional Police Services
  9. Halton Food Council
  10. Halton Environmental Network
  11. Kerr Street Mission

Thanks to these special relationships, we have been able to impact the lives of over 7,500 children with 506 ArtHouse Programs at 76 accessible locations throughout Halton.

And finally, we could not do what we do without the generous financial support from those within our communities: from the Ontario Trillium Foundation and RBC that have been with us since our earliest days, to other major long-time granting organizations, charitable foundations and individual donors we send out a huge ArtHouse Thank You from each and every young person we have served. And the need for funding never stops – all gifts are most gratefully appreciated.

This closing quote came from one of our wonderful Instructors – it holds so true today for all we do:

“How lucky we are to live in a society where Art is still valued. How lucky to have an avenue in which to express oneself….and how truly precious for a child! Thanks for all you do!!! Annie Graham – Instructor

On behalf of our wonderful Team of Board and Advisory Committee Members, and my fabulous colleagues, thank you for letting us share our story.



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