Clublink application filed in face of Oakville’s Opposition

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On November 10, 2016, Clublink filed an application regarding the redevelopment of Glen Abbey, which is in direct conflict with the Town of Oakville’s decision to extended the Interim Control By-Law by another year which passed on November 1, 2016.

Clublink has also set up a website to provide the public with their perspective, named Glen Abbey Redevelopment. A major component outlined on the website is the opening up of the lands along the Sixteen Mile Creek. Currently, they are claiming that the Glen Abbey Golf Course blocks the continuous flow of green space, and should be open to the public as recreational space. However, what is not explained is that the land that they would be giving to the town for additional recreation space, is a flood plain. Development on a flood plain is rejected by Conservation Halton.

Under documents prepared by Clublink are a full slate of studies written to support their position, that the Glen Abbey Golf Course has limited heritage value or commercial benefit for Oakville. One of the more interesting comments found in the Clublink documents regards the enormous movement of soil needed to create the golf course, and how that is now frowned upon. However, what is not mentioned is that in order to create the type of density proposed by their plan, the amount of land disturbed would be as great if not more significant then when the course was built.

Clublink and the town will be going before the Ontario Municipal Board on January 30, 2017 at Town Hall. The town’s position is that they have not had adequate time to complete three major studies:

  1. Urban Structure Review
  2. Land Use Economic and Impact Analysis
  3. Cultural Heritage Landscapes assessment

The Town of Oakville has an approved plan for development called Liveable Oakville, and the redevelopment of Glen Abbey Golf Course was not part of the plan. The Town has spent a great deal of money and energy creating Liveable Oakville, which was done in accordance with the Provinces growth guidelines.

The Town of Oakville has come before the Ontario Municipal Board on several occasions in order control over building. Once again the town finds itself in front of the OMB, this time regarding the proposed redevelopment of Glen Abbey Golf Course. While at the same time, it is asking the province to remove the OMB’s jurisdiction over communities like Oakville, who have a comprehensive and approved plan that meets the provincial guidelines.



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