Update #2: Cold temperatures continue to blanket Oakville

cold temperatures
Update #2: Cold temperatures continue to blanket Oakville
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For the second time today, Environment Canada has updated their weather alert. Extremely cold temperatures will continue to blanket Oakville. The change is marked in PURPLE.

Environment Canada’s Extreme Cold Alert was issued on Friday, January 5th at 4:28 PM:

A prolonged period of very cold wind chills is expected.

An Arctic ridge of high pressure continues to bring cold temperatures and brisk northwesterly winds to Southern Ontario. Windchill values are expected to drop this evening and overnight to values ranging from minus 35 in urban locations to minus 42 in rural areas.

Check on older family, friends and neighbours.

Keep emergency supplies in your vehicle such as extra blankets and jumper cables.

If it’s too cold for you to stay outside, it’s too cold for your pet to stay outside.

Watch for colour changes on fingers and toes, pain, numbness, a tingling sensation, or swelling. If present, move indoors and begin warming.

Extreme cold warnings are issued when very cold temperatures or wind chill creates an elevated risk to health such as frost bite and hypothermia.

Environment Canada has changed their Statement to an Extreme Cold Art, so the extremely cold temperatures will be sticking around. Change will be highlighted in RED.

Environment Canada’s Extreme Cold Alert issued on Friday, January 5th at 4:38 AM:

A prolonged period of very cold wind chills is expected.

Wind chill values due to northwest winds up to 50 kilometres per hour will be in the minus 35 to 40 range early this morning. Temperatures and wind chill values will be slightly lower Friday night. The extreme cold will continue until Saturday or possibly into Sunday morning.

The extremely cold temperatures continue to effect Oakville. Once again Environment Canada  issued another “Special Weather Statement” on Thursday January 4, 2018 at 4:46 AM. Oakville News will release updates if there are significant changes.

Coming out of the North-West, the wind is causing the cold temperatures. Wind speeds will steadily rise through out today. Gusts will reach 47 km/hour. The wind will make it feel 12 degrees colder. The Weather Channel forecast that the coldest temperatures will be felt on Friday.

Unfortunately, the extremely cold temperatures are forecast to last until Sunday, January 7th.

Environment Canada’s Special Weather Statement issued on January 4th at 4:46 AM:

Cold snap from today through Saturday.

A bitterly cold northwesterly flow will develop over southern Ontario today. Extreme cold warning criteria of minus 30 is expected to be met in many places tonight into Friday and again Friday night into Saturday.

The cold snap will end by Sunday as a southwesterly flow develops.


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