Cold Weather Alert for Oakville: February 27 2014

Cold Weather Alert for Oakville: February 27 2014
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Environment Canada has issued a Cold Weather Alert for Oakville and surrounding areas starting tonight evening, February 27, 2014. Cold weather alerts are issued when the temperature drops below minus 15 p, but does not factor in windchill. They can also be issued when exposure to winter elements can cause a rapid decline and threat to human life. The alert will stay in effect until the weather improves and the threat has been reduced to an acceptable level.

The elder, infirm or young are particularly at risk, but this alert effects everyone regardless. So in order to protect yourself and your family from the cold, dress appropriately by covering all exposed skin when going outside. Have appropriate clothing: boots, winter coat, scarf, mittens. If you and your family are planning to be outside for a longer length of time, you may want to consider long underwear. Frostbite and hypothermia are dangerous conditions and require medical assistance.

If you are planning to drive during a cold weather alert it is important to have a proper winter survival kit in your vehicle. Things to include are an extra set of clothes, a blanket, water (one bottle per person), energy bars, a strong flash light. A complete list can be found at bottom of this article from Transport Canada.

For additional information regarding alerts for Oakville you can find the latest information on Environment Canada.

Keep the following items in your trunk.

  • shovel
  • sand or kitty litter
  • traction mats
  • tow chain
  • compass
  • cloth or roll of paper towels
  • warning light or road flares
  • extra clothing and footwear
  • emergency food pack
  • booster cables
  • matches and a “survival” candle in a deep can (to warm hands, heat a drink or use as an emergency light)
  • fire extinguisher
  • extra windshield washer fluid
  • fuel line antifreeze
  • reflective vest

Keep the following items inside your vehicle.

  • road maps
  • ice scraper and brush
  • flashlight
  • first aid kit
  • blanket (special “survival” blankets are best)



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