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green purse www.designedforcomfortandstyle.comIt’s responsible for what we buy, it sets the mood, evokes passion or anger, soothes and calms us after a weary work day, helps us be more productive at work and yes, even make us eat more.  Take a look around your home and see how many colours you live with. Do you like bold and vibrant colours or are you happy with more neutral or earth tones?  Colour reveals a lot about our personalities, the way we function with certain colours, and how we are perceived by others by the colours we choose to wear.  I live with a myriad of colours in my home; and I’m the first to admit that I couldn’t live without them.  I find colour energizing and uplifting.  Am I considered a colour-forward person?  Possibly, yes.Pantone Emerald Green

Every year I am reminded about Pantone’s® colour of the year, and this year they’ve picked Emerald Green.  The Glidden paint company describes it as “Lively.  Radiant.   Lush…..a colour of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.”  Did you know that since 1962, the Pantone® Company has been responsible for determining the colour of the year through a thoughtful process?  They comb the world looking for colour influences, some of which stem from the entertainment industry including movies, art collections that travel the world, up and coming artists, popular travel destinations, technology and even sporting events that capture world-wide audiences.  Pantone® created a colour matching system that allows designers to ‘colour match’ specific colours using a standardized guide.  And, they are the world-renowned authority on color standards across a variety of analog and digital applications.  In fact, they are responsible for creating the newest version of PANTONE Graphics Color Systems for the graphic design and printing industry.

Pantone Emerald Green display www.designedforcomfortandstyle.comEmerald green will influence new product development and purchasing decisions for all kinds of global industries this year.  Fashion, home and industrial design including furnishings, products and packaging as well as graphic designs will all feature this gorgeous vibrant colour. You’ve probably already seen fashion items and consumer products in a variety of greens.  I’ve spotted quite a few items, and trust me it has been hard resisting the urge to buy them all.  If you are a fashion trend-setter amongst your friends, you are most likely going to want to wear or buy accessories in this regal, lush, and radiant colour.   Do you like changing the interior colour of your home to reflect the current colour trend?  If you are, you will certainly have a lot of fun with an emerald-green wall colour and accessories.

green display www.designedforcomfortandstyle.comJust be mindful that the tone of colour can change depending on the amount of light in the room.  Don’t rely solely on the paint colour strips you get at the paint store.  Colour variance can occur depending on the paper stock used to showcase these colours. Buy a paint pot or two of a particular shade of green and paint a couple of boards with it.  Use these boards as your samples before you invest in umpteen gallons of paint.  If you are planning to renew the look of your home this spring and are having a tough time selecting wall colours or determining what accessories you need to purchase to inject some punch in a particular space, a certified interior decorator can certainly help you with your colour design scheme or decor dilemma.

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