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Community-Based Facility Enhancements draft policy ready for public input

Halton District School Board seeks responses by end of April


The Halton District School Board has authorized the posting of its draft Community-Based Facility Enhancements Policy to solicit public input before it comes back to the Board for decision in May. The policy provides parameters on how community-based organizations can contribute and enhance Board facilities.

The Halton District School Board’s process for policy approvals includes an opportunity for public input following development of the draft document. The draft policy is posted on the Board’s website and is included here:


The Halton District School Board recognizes funding for education is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education; however there are instances and opportunities where individuals and entities desire to support local public school education and facilities through specific directed donations.

The purpose of this policy is to define facility enhancements and to outline how such projects may be
considered, approved and implemented.


The following definitions are in addition to those listed in the Board’s Policy Development and Review policy.

Administrative Council: Includes the Director of Education, Associate Director, Superintendents, and Executive Officer(s).

Agreement: An act of mutual decision, position, arrangement, creating obligations enforceable by law. The basic elements of a contract are mutual assent, consideration, capacity, and legality.

Entity: A general term for any institution, company, corporation, partnership, government agency, university, or any other organization which is distinguished from individuals.

Enhancement: improves the quality and/or functionality of facilities above the level needed to meet curriculum requirements, or improves the timeliness in updating. Enhancements may include items or upgrades that are not deemed essential to facilities by the Halton District School Board.

Facilities: include sites, buildings and amenities.


The Halton District School Board is committed to providing the best educational opportunities and also
supports the enhancement of the environment in its schools or other board facilities for the benefit of students, staff and community.

Therefore, the Board will actively seek projects and work closely with other entities to enhance facilities to optimize the use of public assets owned by school boards.


Enhancement projects must align with the Mission, Vision and Values of the Halton District School

Enhancement projects:
● shall be complimentary to publicly funded education,
● shall not result in an increase in the student capacity of a school, and
● shall not result in a significant increase in school/board operating or capital costs.

Enhancement projects must consider:
● the well-being of students in a particular school,
● sustainability,
● Ministry of Education Fundraising Guidelines,
● ethics, and
● Halton District School Board seven Equity lenses.

Preference will be given to projects that have a positive impact beyond a single facility.

The Agreement between the Halton District School Board and or the Entity and or individuals must
conform to the Education Act and other current legislation.

Procurement must follow Board policies and the Broader Public Sector Procurement Act.


Agreements must include:
i. a written contract
ii. an identification of the stakeholders
iii. a disclaimer releasing the Halton District School Board from linkage to project donors/
sponsors/products. The acceptance of the gift from _______ is greatly appreciated. The acceptance of this gift shall NOT be considered to be an endorsement or imply support for or by the donor or for the services or product provided by the donor.
iv. a release: The Entity or individual in perpetuity must remain acceptable to the Halton District School Board and to the Halton District School Board’s mission, vision and values. If the Halton District School Board at its sole discretion, determines that the Entity or individual is in breach of being acceptable it may take any action necessary such as but not limited to; removal of naming, publicity and signage.
v. an acknowledgement of Halton District School Board ownership
vi. ongoing maintenance requirements
vii. timelines
viii. benefits
ix. budget
x. consequences if funding target is not reached or exceeded

  • Facility enhancement projects with budgets or value of over $50,000 must be approved by the Board of Trustees. Projects with a value of less than $50,000 will require Administrative Council approval.
  • Board of Trustee approved projects require timely interim and concluding reports to the Board of
  • Due to the nature, scope and value of projects, Administrative Council reserves the right to limit the
    number of projects in progress at any one time.

To provide feedback on the Board’s Community-Based Facilities Enhancement Policy, visit www.hdsb.ca, and click ‘Boardroom and Trustees’. Follow the ‘Policies and Procedures Under Review’ link on the left side of the webpage.

The draft policy will return to the Board with any feedback received, for trustees’ consideration in May 2016.



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