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Connecting renters and landlords to housing supports through 311 or Halton.ca


Halton Housing Help is a new service that provides a central access point to housing supports and services in Halton.  Individuals in Halton who are searching for rental housing or who need to be connected with housing supports to help them maintain their current housing will benefit from Halton Housing Help.  This service is offered online (www.halton.ca/housinghelp) , by phone and in-person for complex needs that require more intensive support.  Landlords will benefit from the free rental listing service offered through Halton Housing Help as well as the direct supports they can access to help them resolve landlord/tenant issues.

“Halton Region is committed to enhancing services to provide residents with the supports they need to find safe, healthy and affordable housing in our community,” said Regional Chair Gary Carr.  “We strive to ensure that our residents enjoy a high quality of life in Halton and we are confident that the combination of online resources, telephone support and in-person support will help individuals achieve this.”

Residents and landlords can connect with Halton Housing Help one of three ways. Visit www.halton.ca/housinghelp to access resources and links to housing supports and services in Halton.  Resources such as a housing search checklist, a “Guide to Rental Housing in Halton” and a free rental listing service will help people who are searching for housing in Halton.

Individuals can also access telephone support by dialing 311.  One-to-one support is also offered one of Halton’s municipalities each day of the week for situations that require more intensive support.  Appointments must be booked in advance through 311.

The establishment of housing help supports is an action in the Citizen’s Priorities – Halton Region’s Action Plan for 2011 – 2014.  To learn more visit www.halton.ca/housinghelp.



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