Federal Liberal candidate: Conservative budget aims to buy votes while neglecting real economic and social issues

A Federal Liberal Candidate's Perspective

Budget spelled out in Scrabble Letters
Ray Chisholm Election 2018 Ward 3 town councillor

The Conservative Party’s budget, introduced yesterday, demonstrates a disappointingly narrow understanding of the issues facing Canadians today. The Conservatives have delivered tax cuts to citizens in least need of help, while neglecting to address the serious economic, social, and environmental issues Canadians face. This budget is a short-sighted strategy that merely adds to the Conservatives’ record of poor economic management.

I listen to the concerns of my neighbours every day: they want a real and fair chance at success, and that means growing incomes and providing more job opportunities. They want investment in infrastructure today, not in two or three years. Unfortunately, Stephen Harper’s priority is a $2 billion tax break for the rich. Under Stephen Harper, Canadians have faced stagnant incomes, deficits and rising debt. Unemployment last year – including youth unemployment – was still higher than before the recession, and according to CIBC, job quality in Canada is at its lowest in a quarter century.

I also believe that the residents of Oakville will see past the short-term, vote-buying strategy evident in the Conservative budget. They won’t trade our climate, our waterways, and our green spaces for a few dollars in tax credits today. I know we have a larger vision for Oakville and Canada than the current government is capable of envisioning.


After months of delay, Stephen Harper has failed to present a credible plan to grow incomes and create quality job opportunities for the residents of Oakville. What this riding needs – and what families want – are investments in infrastructure, post-secondary education, and skills and innovation that will produce real growth. They want environmental protection and carbon reduction strategies. Under the leadership of Justin Trudeau, Canada will have a better plan focused on addressing the myriad challenges we face as a nation.



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  1. John McLaughlin says:

    I respect Mr. Oliver’s views on which federal party may provide better and more effective “leadership” and plans for Canada going forward – but I don’t think votes are ever “for sale”.

    Canadians want good government, a better quality of life and a better future – and that’s not for sale.

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