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Created on November 29, 2012, Oakville News is an online news source for Oakville, Ontario and is found on the internet as OakvilleNews.Org. It’s mandate is to provide current factual information about the community through original content and the relevant media releases. The moto of the the organization is that well informed residents make for a strong community.

On July 1, 2020 Oakville News was incorporated, and is legally known as Oakville News Inc.

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Major local topics covered in Oakville News are:

Oakville News EntertainmentArts and Entertainment includes Oakville Ontario’s most comprehensive listing of events that make our community so vibrant. So if you are wondering what is happening for every major holiday from Remembrance Day, Christmas, Family Day, Easter, Victory Day, Canada Day, Emancipation Day, to Labour Day. However, we also included in our events listing are everyday events from musical production at the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts, Theatre Sheridan, to special town meetings. You’ll also find out when local community groups are meeting such as Rotary, Lions, Canadian Federation of University Women, Oakville Horticultural Society, Oakville and Bronte Historical Society, and when their next fundraiser is happening.

Sports plays a big role in Oakville. We’ve created our fair share of olympic athletes and those striving to play at the top of their game. Home to several Canadian Opens and a permanent home for the Oakville Blades, Oakville Soccer Club, Crusaders Rugby Club, Rock Lacrosse Team, Oakville Swim Team, Burloak Canoe Club, and the Oakville Sailing Club. There isn’t as sport that isn’t played in Oakville.

One Oakville major employers is Ford Canada, and the town is often considered to be home to the movers and shakers of Canadian business. However, it isn’t just Ford that makes Oakville such a strong business community. Calling Oakville home is Siemens, Restaurant Brands International (Tim Hortons & Burger King) among so many other. It is also how our local non-profits such as the Oakville Hospital Foundation, Friends of the Library, Oakville Community Foundation who are the heart of Oakville. The Oakville Chamber of Commerce is one of the strongest Chambers in Canada. Oakville is also home to three thriving Business Improvement Areas: Bronte Downtown Oakville, and Kerr Village. Each BIA has its own unique character.

From a personal perspective, residents who are finding themselves looking for work, our career section provides solid advise written by a top human capital solution specialist. To ensure that Oakville remains a major automotive employer, doing car reviews which are heavily weighted towards Ford of Canada vehicles is important that is written by the high performance car instructor.

Strong educational institutions are integral for our community. It is often why families move to Oakville. We are home to some of Ontario’s best public, catholic, and privates schools from the Elementary grades right through High School. Sheridan College, soon a university, has programs in every discipline. From the world’s perspective Sheridan Bachelor of Animation is best, with graduates winning Oscars as well as Emmies and employers vying for graduates.

Political decisions and the results of elections effect the daily life of every resident from Federal, Provincial, Regional, and Municipal decisions. However, how those decisions effect the residents of Oakville is a major focus for Oakville News. So if local property taxes are going up or down you’ll find out why. When a real estate developer wants to rezone green space you’ll find out where you can voice your opinion and be heard. If the Federal or Provincial government is planning to a change that is going to effect our residents, Oakville News will find out where and how residents can be involved.

Real Estate is a favourite topic of conversation for residents as well as people looking to move our community, since Oakville, Ontario is one the Canada’s most expensive places to purchase a home. Home values are tied to great educational institutions, communities that have pride in their homes, as well as providing a safe community for their families.

Hatlon Regional Police CarOver all News is what makes any community tick which includes supporting the Halton Regional Police. Oakville is one of Canada’s safest communities, however, it doesn’t mean that crime does not exist, but rather it results from a community who works closely with the police department that is dedicated to keeping Oakville, Ontario safe. So when a person goes missing or a series of robberies takes place, the community helps, Oakville News want readers to know how they can help.

However, special stories need to be told as well. Often stories that would never see the light of day, except for a few select individuals. Stories of struggling families, to triumphant community leaders need to be told. These stories are the soul of Oakville.