“COVID-Elvis” is singing for food banks

“COVID-Elvis” is singing for food banks
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Cameron Michael Canton is a professional singer who entertains at old age homes. Since the pandemic began however, he’s found a new method of performance as COVID-Elvis.

After COVID-19 shutdowns put a hold on his usual recitals, Canton was looking for an outlet. That’s when he received an invitation to perform at a socially distanced, outdoors birthday party for an 80 year old woman. The organizers had an unusual request though… that he dress as Elvis.

“So I grabbed some glasses and just kind of put a costume together,” he says. “So that’s what I’ve been doing.” That, is when “COVID-Elvis” was born.


After that. Canton began doing performances all over Southern Ontario. From London to Oakville, Port Colborne to Hamilton, he had 45 COVID-Elvis engagements in June. So far in July, he’s done 32.


“Some anniversaries, birthdays, house-parties,” he says, describing the types of places he performs. “I just did one for a two-year old’s birthday, she’s an Elvis fan!”

Raising money for good causes

At his performances, Canton collects donations for Food Banks and other charities. He encourages his audience to bring food and personal items to donate. After the show, everything will be organized, then driven to local foundations that need help.


“One day we collected around 500 pounds of food,” he says. Halfway through July, he posted that he and his supporters had donated 10,000 pounds of food to more than 20 organizations all over the province. This includes Oakville Fareshare Food Bank.

The King has gone through his catalogue a few times on the streets of Oakville, but he says each performance is a little different from the other.

“It’s sometimes hard to remember each time, but people all enjoy it in a different way you know,” Canton says. “Sometimes they sing along, sometimes they are quiet and just listen. Either way, once I arrive, I just set up my speaker and we go.”


COVID-Elvis doesn’t wear a wig, that hair is all natural.


Tina De Crisci is one of the owners of Duran Place, an Oakville play school. She saw Canton perform at a birthday party this summer and enjoyed it so much that she and her family are hosting him outside their business tonight (Friday, July 31, 2020) at 7:00 PM.


“He does not require payment, he’ll come to any event, any driveway,” she says. “He’s a one man show. Not just singing but he packs the stuff, he sorts everything and then he brings it to the food bank.”

Duran Place for Kids, COVID-Elvis’s next stage.


Canton is now thinking of starting to make backpacks for the homeless, with essential items like blankets, ponchos and toiletries. His fundraising helps victims of domestic violence, which has increased during the pandemic.

A musical spirit

COVID-Elvis doesn’t plan to stop touring anytime soon. There are still people in need and he loves his fun way of helping out. After a recent fire in Stoney Creek, he put out a call for donations that could be given to the families that lost their homes.

“I thought we could put together tote bags, with everything these people might need. Get some crayons for the kids so they might have something to do,” he says.

COVID-Elvis doesn’t wear a wig. He dies his own hair for lower cost and higher authenticity. His suit costs thousands of dollars less than the usual. Tina De Crisci says that he’s already worn out a boot dancing during his songs.

Canton never really meant to become an Elvis impersonator. He just saw an opportunity to do some good with music, fun performances and an array of worthy causes. It amazes him sometimes the response he’s gotten.

“I’ve always told people, kindness breeds kindness.”

Performance tonight

COVID-Elvis will be performing tonight at 7:00pm outside of Duran Place for Kids in downtown Oakville. Everyone is welcome to come. Social distancing is mandatory and donations encouraged.


Follow COVID-Elvis on social media at his Facebook or Instagram page



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