Crews working hard to complete Lakeshore Rd reconstruction

Crews working hard to complete Lakeshore Rd reconstruction
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Ward 3 Councillors, Dave Gittings and Janet Haslett-Theall sat down with the Downtown Oakville reconstruction engineers to express the heightened anxiety of business owners and residents. These groups affected by the reconstruction ask that the crews work quicker.

The engineers explained the complexity of the Lakeshore Road project. Several different components need to be dug up, disconnected, lined and/or replaced. Then, the crews reconnect those components.  For safety, they cover the holes each day.

The construction company schedules the crews in a specific order based on the their skills set and the work. Too many people working in one area at one time does not speed up the process. Occasionally, they schedule a day for a job, but it finishes earlier. That specialized crew goes home.

It is not practical to bring in another specialized crew to work for just 3 hours. This past week they brought in a crew to start the sanitary lines by Dunn, while they continued working at the Navy end of Lakeshore Road.

The contractor is keen to get the project completed ahead of schedule. Even with the horrible weather, they are on schedule.

How you can help

  1. Encourage shopping in Downtown Oakville by reaching out to your friends.
  2. There are construction ambassadors at each corner to help people navigate the construction zones.
  3. Those merchants affected by the construction have opened their back doors. It makes access easier from the parking lots.
  4. Weekend parking is free. From Monday to Friday parking is free for one hour, if you use the HONK App.

Downtown Oakville is open for business.

Project Office

For further updates and questions about the reconstruction, please reach out to the Project Office.

The Project Office, in the former Post Office at 193 Church Street, is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to noon and by appointment.


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