Make a difference this Holiday – donate

Holiday Giving
Make a difference this Holiday – donate
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During this holiday, we celebrate with family and friends, while sitting down to delicious dinners, attending cocktail parties, and bringing in the New Year.

Unfortunately, some of us aren’t so lucky, but you can help.

I’m sure that many of you know of someone who is struggling with an ailing parent who is suffering from Dementia. Your child likely attends a school with a child who might go hungry if it wasn’t for local support. (1 in 8 Oakville children live in poverty).

You can make a difference. It doesn’t have to be $100’s, even a $1.00 can positively impact someone’s life. Maybe, you have time to volunteer. Just give.

Charities to consider during this holiday

Acclaim Health

Provides the following services: Alzheimer services caregiver support and education, Alzheimer adult day program, friendly visiting and Tele-Touch


Outpatient addiction, assessment and treatment agency


Free programs to Front of the Line children and youth from JK-Grade 12, most particularly to individuals from families who may not have access to Arts-related activities.

Big Brother, Big Sister

Provides quality mentoring relationships to children in need.

Canadian Hearing Society

Provides accessibility programs, hearing clinics, and counselling services

Canadian Mental Health Association

Provides community services for mental health and addiction which includes: training & education, support, crisis support, peer support and referral forms

Community Development

Builds and strengthens the community by focusing on the social impact of larger social, economic, political and cultural forces on individuals and families

Community Living

Ensures that people with developmental disabilities lead active and productive lives

Community Youth Programs

Provides youth who are unable to live with a family and unprepared for independent living with: housing, support, structure, guidance, along with ongoing support.

Distress Centre

Provides telephone and online support to people in crisis, loneliness, and emotional stress.

Elizabeth Fry Society

Delivers of programs and services to women and youth who are or may be at risk of coming into conflict with the law

Food for Life

Ensures that healthy food is available for those in need

Halton Food for Thought

Ensures that students have access to healthy food

Halton Poverty Roundtable

Brings together community organizations and volunteers who are committed to working together to end poverty


HIPPY Oakville

Provides vulnerable families with knowledge, materials and instruction to prepare their pre-school children for success in school and in life

Hope Place Centres

Helps anyone struggling with challenges related to the misuse and abuse of alcohol and other drugs with a team of professionals in a women’s centre, a men’s centre and a community based centre.

Lighthouse Program for Grieving Children

Offers facilitated peer support groups to help children, teens and their families after a death in their family.

Nelson Youth Centres

Responds to the mental health needs and contributes to the wellness of our community by strengthening families and enabling the emotional and social well-being of children and youth.

Oakville Kiwanis Meal on Wheels

Delivers nutritious meals to residents of Oakville who are unable to attend to their own nutritional needs, but wish to continue living independently

Oakville Parent-Child Centre

Runs nurturing activities for children’s healthy growth and development, and teaches parents and caregivers about parenting, children’s behavior and development.

Radius Child & Youth Services

Provides clinical assessment and counselling services to children, youth and families affected by interpersonal abuse: physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, neglect, or who have saw domestic violence.

ROCK – Reach out centre for kids

Promotes and make optimal mental health in kids and families with programs and services run out of several sites

SAVIS (Sexual Assault & Violence Intervention Services)

Provides 24 hour support to all survivors of violence including female-identified, male-identified, and members of the transgender community.

SENACA – Seniors Enjoy Nurturing Activities Companionship Achievements

Provides a caring nurturing and safe environment for adults who need companionship, recreation and a sense of achievement while supporting their caregivers

St. John Ambulance

Enable Canadians to improve their health, safety and quality of life by providing training and community service such as community service, CPR training, and First AID

STRIDE  – supported training and rehabilitation in diverse environments

Provides a comprehensive range of employment support options, which are responsive to individual needs for youth and adults.

Support & House Halton

Supports people with mental illness and/or addictions, and youth at risk are treated as unique individuals free from stigma, and where housing, services and support are available when and wherever needed to help them reach their full potential.

THRIVE Counselling Services Halton Inc.

Helps people struggling with individual and family issues including: family conflict, separation, divorce, depression, abuse or violence and grief and loss.

Women’s Centre of Halton

Supports women who are experiencing crisis or distress, or who are in transition by providing a place to learn, grow, get support, and become empowered

Just take a moment, and think about who you could help. Oakville is a great town. Moneysense named Oakville as the Best City. Let’s live up to our reputation, and give.


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