Dolittle Does Very Little: Movie Review

Dolittle Does Very Little: Movie Review
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Dylan J. Mayberry

Dylan J. Mayberry is an aspiring actor and has a strong passion for film. He was born in Brampton Ontario and has recently moved to Oakville. He is a graduate of Acting for Film & Television from Niagara college.

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Dolittle is a special film. It’s the kind of movie that only comes out once every so often. One that is so, uniquely, utterly, bad that somehow previous bad films seem… almost good. And how fitting that it releases so shortly after one of the best films I’ve ever seen.

With its terrible direction, lazy jokes, and bloated cast size, it’s a chaotic and loud mess. No one ever gets the chance to shine. Not that the script really could give them one to begin with. And while it is very colourful and filled with fun animals, everything else brings the film down.

Years after Dr. Dolittle lost the love of his life and shut his doors. He is called back into action when the Queen takes ill. He must venture to the uncharted island of the Eden Tree to get the antidote. Along with his vast assortment of animal companions.

We must go on a minimally dangerous journey.

None of the long list of talented actors give anything close to a meaningful performance. Most of what is said, especially by the animals is minimally required for the plot. No one shows any real character or charisma. Considering the varied collection of unique animals in the film, it’s such a shame they are all so basic and one-dimensional.

The plot doesn’t do anything to redeem the film either. It’s just a series of scenes that are meant to hold the action set pieces. Dolittle is supposed to go on this “perilous journey” to explore the world in search of an undiscovered island, yet he only goes to three different places. It’s the most watered-down adventure film in years.

And the visuals aren’t great either. Like the Lion King remake, these animals are rendered as realistic as possible. Meaning they have no capacity to show anything resembling human emotion. So, when they are suppose to give heart warming speeches or moments of growth (if you can call them that) just fall flat.

The Verdict

Very young audiences might enjoy this film. Those over the ages of 6 may lose interest very quickly. Parents especially should not consider seeing this film. Perhaps wait and take your kids to the zoo, which is bound to be more delightful and entertaining than this assortment of wildlife.

Dolittle fails to tell a fun story and is easily one of the worst films of the passed 10 years.



1 out of 10.

1 Hr 41 Mins. Fantasy Adventure.

Written and Directed by Stephen Gaghan.

Starring Robert Downey Jr, Tom Holland, Emma ThompsonRami Malek, John Cena, and Harry Collett.

Now playing at Film.ca Cinemas, Cineplex Winston Churchill & VIP, and Cineplex Oakville & VIP.



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