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Downsizing is a relatively new buzz word we are hearing in both the Interior Decorating and Real-estate markets.  It is a growing trend for some to want a lighter load in life, so by having less stuff they have more life.  And for seniors and retirees, downsizing means, it is time to sell the family home and enjoy a smaller space.   So, when the new smaller space has been chosen, here my 5 top tips to ensure an easy move and stress-free life.

Eliminate the Downsizing Dilemmas

Take inventory of all your items:

Make a floor plan (to scale), of your new space, and evaluate what will fit in each room, using the furniture and décor you already own.  Scale and measurements become very important at this stage; remember some items are just not going to fit.  Think even in the kitchen and bathroom, downsizing means less cabinet space too!

Antique FramesEvaluate the items that are not making the move:

Evaluate and sort through all the items that will not be moved to the new space.  It sounds simply, but organize items in the same area that correspond together; items that will be given to friends and family, collectable items, and items that you wish to sell.  And yes, items that can only go to the garbage.  If you have not completed this de-cluttering task in the last two years, you might consider renting a dumpster if you have a large home. It will save you time and energy.

Evaluate your collections:

Some of us enjoy collecting items, and the decision to take the collection or sell it must be made.  If the decision is to sell the collection, it is important to evaluate it at today’s dollar value.  For example antique prices have fallen 20%-50% in the last 15 years.  So one must be realistic of what things are worth in today’s market place when selling.

DownsizingConsider consigning items:

Consignment stores will sell furniture and décor items for you and are in your area.  It’s a Steal Furniture & Décor, will sell your items for you in their well merchandise warehouse store , and you will receive 50% of the proceeds when your items are sold.  This is a great way to lighten your load and receive a bit of pocket money.

On-line auction for collectables:

This is a great way to get top dollar for your items that are considered collectable, because you have specific collectors looking for them.  And these collectors can be all over Ontario, and even further.  Some research of the sites is required to get the best one that again fits the collection.

Sounds like a lot of work, but there is help out there, from the consignment store to downsizing organizations that will assist you in completing all the tasks above.  I would be happy to add the decorating Wow factory in your new space.


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