Dragon’s Den Jim Treliving invests in Students Business from Oakville

Dragon’s Den Jim Treliving invests in Students Business from Oakville
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Matt McCoy and Michael Sutton, two young men from Oakville appeared on Dragon’s Den Season 13 to pitch their business, Canadian BBQ Boys. Dragons Den Jim Treliving made a full offer of $50,000 for 10% of the business. It was exactly what these two young men asked for.

With a very graphic description of what they find in BBQ’s that sat outside during the winter, they explained to the Dragons their business and why it works.

Jim Treliving

Matt McCoy and Michael Sutton founders of Canadian BBQ Boys

Founded in 2015, Canadian BBQ Boys helps homeowners get the most out of the grilling season. They clean your BBQ, a labour-intensive and time-consuming chore. Since then, the company has expanded from Niagara to Ottawa with growth in-excess of 400%.

On the show they confirmed their annual revenue of $100,000. The business is seasonal, which makes it perfect for students. They give students an opportunity to earn an income as entrepreneurs instead of employees.

With cleaning tools and comprehensive training, students are ready to make money. Canadian BBQ Boys receive 50% of all revenue, and for that they give the back-end of the business: taking orders, marketing, accounts receivable and payable. A Canadian BBQ Boy just needs to clean BBQ’s.

For interested University or College students with a car contact the company and apply. When I reached out, these two young Oakville men are extremely busy vetting resumes and taking orders.

About Jim Treliving

In 1968 Mr. Treliving noticed the success of a Boston Pizza. At the time, he was a constable with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He purchased a franchise in BC and over several years opened 16 more locations. In 1983 he and his partner purchased the chain. They divested restaurants except one which remained the corporate store.

Over 50 years according to Boston Pizza, the business has 370 plus locations across Canada, and reached $1 Billion in sales by 2014. A Boston Pizza averaged 2.9% annual same sales store growth for the past 10 years.


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