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Dressing for Love

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Dressing for Love
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Lisa Holdaway

Lisa Holdaway

Lisa Holdaway is the owner of Evolving Fashion Inc, a Fashion Consulting business located in Oakville, Ontario. Specializing in helping men 25-65 navigate through the shopping process to improve their image both for work and meeting women! Lisa's streamlined shopping process allows her clients to improve their wardrobe quickly and easily. Lisa and her husband recently moved home after a decade living in BC to be closer to family after having their second child

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Love is in the air. Valentines Day is the time to celebrate the love of your life, or to sow the seeds of the love you want to grow. A big part of attraction is, or course, how you look.  Even if you fell out of the ugly tree, dressing right can help you from looking like you hit every branch on the way down.
Depending on what your plans are this Valentines Day, dressing the right way is of utmost importance. When you look great, your spouse or date will feel excited to be with you and show you off. This is especially important if you are going to a fancy restaurant, or to a party.

Below are 4 ways to ensure you are dressed for love:

1. The way you look

Some people spend a lifetime (and a ton of money) trying to like the way they look. They workout, diet, go under the knife, etc. But the real secret is…wait for it… dressing for the body type that you are RIGHT NOW. A huge mistake people make all the time is waiting to update their clothing until they reach their goal weight. Thats crazy! Dressing for right now will help you feel good about yourself, which will help motivate you to make the changes you want to see.

2. The outfit you’ve chosen

For a date, your outfit choice is very important. First, it has to make you feel good (revisit point above). Next, the colour should flatter you. I hate maroon and ash white. NO ONE, repeat NO ONE suits a dress shirt in either of these colours. If you have anything in your closet like this, stop reading, get the items, and a pack of matches and burn those clothes now. And thirdly, there should be nothing on your body that is tattered, torn (not even on purpose – Adam Levigne I’m talking to you) or looks worn out. For Valentines Day, you want to look sharp, crisp, and put together. Be a man, dominate of your closet!

3. Buy Something New

The excitement of taking your new duds out for a test drive is thrilling. And what’s more thrilling than looking good for love? Nothing! Specifically, go out  and buy something new to wear on your date. As a bonus on your hunt, take stock of what you have and add something you are missing,  like a pair of grey jeans, or a cashmere sweater. This eliminates you from chosing something your date has already seen you in (boooooring), and your new outfit shows her you want to impress her, which will make her feel important.


3734820359_473e8ffc25_n4. Your attitude

Attitude goes a long way. If you are upbeat, happy and nice, everyone will find you attractive. It’s true, we’ve all had a crush on someone that our friends thought was an ugo.

Think you have it right? Here is how you know.  When you check yourself out in the mirror, you can’t help but finger shoot accompanied “click click” with your tongue. Boom, go out and get you some love.

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