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Election Day 2019 – Candidate Information & More

Election Day 2019
Election Day 2019 – Candidate Information & More
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Nolan A Machan

Nolan Machan is the Publisher of OakvilleNews.Org and has over 41 years of local Oakville knowledge. He is committed to providing Oakville residents with the most up-to-date information about our great town.

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Election Day 2019 is Monday, October 21st. It is your day to make a decision on who you believe will represent you and your vision of Canada.

The Region asked candidates about five issues of importance for residents of Halton:

Investing in roads and infrastructure

Will you support permanently doubling the Gas Tax transfer to support local infrastructure? If not, what would your government to do ensure long-term sustainable infrastructure to support the infrastructure needs of municipalities?

Confirming Regional and Provincial regulatory roles in the proposed CN truck-rail hub

Do you and your party support the proposed CN’s Milton Logistic Hub, given the significant impacts on the community of the proposed location? What will you and your government do to ensure Regional and Provincial regulatory roles are acknowledged?

Addressing climate change and supporting community resiliency

How are you and your party proposing to address climate change? What will you and your government do to ensure sustainable funding and climate change mitigation support to assist municipalities deliver resilient communities?

Delivering universal access to broadband internet

Will you and your government ensure broadband access for all Halton residents and businesses within your four-year term?

Supporting safe, affordable and accessible government-assisted housing

In 2018, the Federal Government announced Canada’s first ever National Housing Strategy. Through this 10-year, $40-billion plan, what is the anticipated timeline to deliver long-term funding to municipalities? How would you and your government support long-term and sustainable funding for affordable and assisted housing in Halton Region?

Oakville Federal Candidates’ responses to Halton Region’s Questions

Oakville ridings:

The town of Oakville is divided into two ridings – Oakville  and Oakville North-Burlington.

  1. Oakville Riding is bounded by: Lake Ontario to the South, Burloak Drive to the west, Upper Middle Road from Burloak to 8th Line, 8th Line from Upper Middle to Dundas, Dundas Street from 8th Line to Winston Churchill Blvd, Winston Churchill Blvd from Dundas to Lake Ontario.
  2. Oakville North-Burlington Riding (Oakville section) runs north of Upper Middle Road from Burloak to 8th Line, 8th Line to Dundas, Dundas to 9th Line, HWY 407 to 4th Line to Lower Base Line to Bronte Road to Burnamthorpe Road to Burloak.

Oakville Federal Candidates

Anita Anand

Liberal Party
2544 Speers Road, Unit 9
(905) 467-2039

James Elwick

Green Party
201-603 Argus Rd

JD Meaney

People’s Party of Canada

Jerome Adamo

New Democratic Party

Terrence Young

Conservative Party
67 Lakeshore Road West

Oakville North-Burlington Candidates

Gilbert Joseph Jubinville

People’s Party of Canada
(416) 931 2758

Michael Houghton

Green Party
289 430 5005

Nicholas Dion

New Democratic Party

Pam Damoff

Liberal Party
7-4517 Dundas St
(905) 467-1862

Sean Weir

Conservative Party
3247 Appleby Line

Election Day 2019 Voting Information

In order to vote you must be 18 years-old or older, a Canadian citizen, and have the ability to prove your identity. There are three options to prove your identity:

  1. A government issued id which has your photograph, legal name, and address such as a driver’s license, passport etc
  2. Show two pieces of ID such as your voter registration card and a utility bill or student id as an example
  3. Declaring who you are in writing and have a witness at the polling station who does have valid identification who can vouch for your identity.

If you have additional questions about voting the Elections Canada website will have the answers for you.


There were two local debates, and if you are a subscriber of Cogeco you can watch the Oakville Chamber of Commerce Debate.

Federal Leaders Debate 2019

Election Day 2019 who will you be voting for?


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