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An Assembly of Shapes

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Date(s) - Friday, July 6, 2018
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


An Assembly of Shapes explores painting as a methodology. Moving between figuration and abstraction, the works in this exhibition emerge from an underlying curiosity about both form and content that reflects the stakes of creating and circulating images. Through thoughtful consideration of subjects such as perception, politics, technology, language, intuition, and humour, painting is positioned here as a site for inquiry. The exhibition presents works by Canadian artists working both locally and internationally.


Jason Baerg, Sascha Braunig, Rebecca Brewer, Sandra Brewster, Anthony Burnham, Julien Ceccaldi, Jane Corrigan, Patrick Cruz, Barry Doupé, Brenda Draney, Teto Elsiddique, Katie Lyle, Elizabeth McIntosh, Veronika Pausova, Beth Stuart, geetha thurairajah, Charlene Vickers, Ambera Wellmann, and more.