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Date(s) - Monday, June 26, 2017
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Town Hall




1. CAO Review Committee Report of the May 11, 2017 Meeting 57-62
  –           Report from Clerk’s Department, May 16, 2017  


That the 2016 Performance Review and 2017 objectives received by the CAO Review Committee on May 11, 2017 attached as Confidential Appendix A to the May 16, 2017 report from the Clerk’s department, be approved.



2. Clean Water Wastewater Fund (CWWF) Grant Update 63-138
  –           Report from Finance Department, June 9, 2017  


1. That the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund (CWWF) Update report dated June 9, 2017 be received.





2. That staff be authorized to execute the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund (Ontario) Transfer Payment Agreement with the Province of Ontario as represented by the Minister of Infrastructure under the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund Program.


3. That the 2017 Capital Budget be amended to include projects approved under the CWWF program as identified in the report dated June 9, 2017 from the Finance department.





C-1. inZone update  
  –           Report from Legal Department, June 19, 2017  



C-2. Halton Catholic District School Board (HCDSB) Surplus School Site at 2123 Hixon Street  
  –           Report from Legal Department, June 13, 2017  

See attached Confidential Agenda distributed separately to Mayor

and Members of Council Only.


**CONFIDENTIAL**For Mayor and Members of Council Only.






3. Oakville Enterprises Corporation-Confidential Authorization Request 139-140
  –           Report from Commissioner of Corporate Services,

June 16, 2017



That the confidential resolution contained in the confidential correspondence to the Commissioner of Corporate Services and distributed to the Mayor and Members of Council only, dated June 16, 2017, from Scott Mudie, Chief Operating Officer, be approved.








4. AVL Technology 141-146
  –           Report from Community Services Commission,

April 26, 2017



That the report and the presentation from the Community Services Commission dated April 26, 2017 entitled “AVL Technology” be received;



5. In Consideration of the Preservation of Heritage Properties
Moved by Councillor Duddeck, Seconded by Councillor Gittings

WHEREAS, the Town of Oakville maintains the Oakville Heritage Register in accordance with the Ontario Heritage Act (OHA); and

WHEREAS, there are over 580 properties listed on the Town of Oakville Heritage Register; and

WHEREAS, over 150 are designated as Part IV individually designated properties and some 400 are classified as Part V Heritage Conservation District designated properties; and

WHEREAS, all of these properties are valuable resources of Oakville’s cultural heritage; and

WHEREAS, owners of heritage properties often face additional costs to maintain and preserve properties; and

WHEREAS, Oakville’s Heritage Grant program covers up to half of the cost of eligible conservation work to a maximum of $15,000 when matched by a contribution from the property owner; and

WHEREAS, Federal Bill C-323, a Tax Credit for the Restoration of Heritage Properties has been introduced by MP. Peter Van Loan to amend the Income Tax Act; and

WHEREAS, if passed, Bill C-323 would provide owners of historic properties with a 20% tax credit on eligible costs for rehabilitation work on designated properties; and
WHEREAS, as written, Bill C-323 is silent on the eligibility status of Ontario’s Part IV and Part V designated properties;





THEREFORE, be it resolved,

a)          The Mayor compose a letter of support for Bill C-233 to include

this resolution to be sent to the Prime Minister, Minister of Canadian  Heritage, MP Van Loan, MP Oliver and MP Damoff to include an expression of the following: If passed, Bill C-233 would include direction to the Minister of Canadian Heritage that eligibility for this tax credit program include Ontario’s Part IV and Part V designated properties and the equivalent heritage designations in all of Canada’s provinces and territories; and


b)          A copy of this resolution be sent to the Ontario Ministry of

Tourism,Culture and Sport for its consideration; Heritage Oakville, Oakville Historical Society, Trafalgar Historical Society and Bronte Historical Society for their information.





 There are no Confidential Discussion Items listed for this agenda.





6. Development Charges Steering Committee (April 24, 2107) 147-152
  –           Report from Clerk’s Department, April 26, 2017  


That the minutes of the Development Charges Steering Committee meeting of April 24, 2107, be received.



INFORMATION ITEMS (Circulated Electronically)


Information Items 153-156





Status of Outstanding Issues 157-176







(Notice of Motion, Emergency, Congratulatory or Condolence)


In accordance with Section 6.1(2) of the Procedure By-law, the following Notices of Motion will be considered at the next Council meeting to be held on July 10, 2017.


Protecting the Automotive Sector in Oakville, ON
Moved by Mayor Burton, Seconded by Councillor Hutchins

WHEREAS, the auto sector directly employs over 101,000 people in Ontario, and indirectly supports the creation of more than 300,000 good jobs in communities nationwide; and

WHEREAS, the automotive industry represents Canada’s largest manufacturing sector, Ontario’s chief export and the economic lifeblood of hundreds of Canadian communities; and

WHEREAS, a thriving auto sector is an essential part of Oakville’s local economy, stimulating growth, innovation, and good, high-paying jobs; and

WHEREAS, Canada’s auto sector has been deeply integrated with that of the United States since the early-20th century, as indicated by the 1965 Canada-US Auto Pact; and

WHEREAS, the North American Free Trade Agreement governs nearly every aspect of Canada and the United States’ economic relationship, including the import and export of auto parts and vehicles; and

WHEREAS, even minor changes to the established trade relationship between Canada and the United States could have enormous consequences for workers and consumers on both sides of the border; and

WHEREAS, in 2016 the government of Ontario and Michigan signed a Memorandum of Understanding calling for increased cooperation and partnership between their two automotive sectors; and

WHEREAS, the United States has announced its intention to renegotiate NAFTA; and

WHEREAS, Canada’s economic future and the continued wellbeing of Oakville’s local economy depend on a thriving automotive sector;



THEREFORE, be it resolved, Council:

1.          Join with Councils across Ontario in calling on the federal

government to make the protection and growth of Canada’s automotive sector a key priority in the upcoming NAFTA negotiations;

2.           Request the Mayor write a letter to Prime Minister Justin

Trudeau and Oakville’s local members of Parliament reinforcing these concerns;

3.           Urge those local members of Parliament who have not yet done

so to join the parliamentary auto caucus, advocating for the wellbeing of Canada’s automotive sector in Ottawa.



Canada Post Service Review
Moved by Councillor Robinson, Seconded by Councillor Gittings

WHEREAS the Government of Canada promised to provide Canadians with quality postal service at a reasonable price;

WHEREAS to achieve this, the Honourable Judy M. Foote, Minister of Public Services and Procurement, announced the launch of an independent review of Canada Post services;

WHEREAS this review supports a thorough and informed public discussion so that Canadians have a direct say about the services they want and value;


WHEREAS this review is being carried out in two phases beginning in May 2016 and during the first phase, an independent four-member task force undertook an analysis of Canada Post’s services and current financial situation, conducted public opinion research, met with key stakeholders, and examined international best practices for postal delivery;


WHEREAS the task force produced a discussion paper that summarizes facts and presents options for Canada Post services in this country providing a starting point for the consultations that took place in the second phase of the review between the House of Commons Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates and Canadians from coast to coast;


WHEREAS this commitment is also a key priority of the Honourable Judy M. Foote’s mandate; and

WHEREAS the Government tabled its response to the Committee’s report on April 12, 2017 and is considering its recommendations to be announced in 2017;


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT: The Town of Oakville fully supports a quality postal service at a reasonable price; and


THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT a copy of this resolution be forwarded to MP John Oliver requesting that he advise when the Honourable Judy Foote, Minister of Public Services and Procurement will be presenting her next report on this matter.

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