Free Exhibition Tour: Propped

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Date(s) - Saturday, July 8, 2017
2:00 pm - 2:45 pm

Oakville Galleries Centennial Square


Propped explores the varied functions and meanings of the prop in the work of contemporary Canadian artists, examining how objects make and shape history. The word “prop” suggests an inanimate but moveable object that must be activated by a human subject, one that is neither autonomous, nor a backdrop for human activity, but something in between: a “thing” that gains meaning through the context of its use.


Abbas Akhavan, Maya Ben David, Vincent Chevalier, Mark Clintberg and Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay, Chris Curreri, Geoffrey Farmer, Oliver Husain, Aaron Jones, Eleanor King, Bev Koski, Duane Linklater, Divya Mehra, Hazel Meyer, Bridget Moser, Public Studio, Walter Scott

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