Jayden’s Joyride!

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Date(s) - Sunday, October 4, 2015
9:30 am - 11:30 am

Your Wellness Centre


Our Oakville clinic is gearing up for our 7 year anniversary, and we wanted to do something special to celebrate. We have decided to organize a 5km run/ 2k walk along the trails through the Clearview area of Oakville. Runners could seek pledges (or pledge themselves a minimum of $30) to enter, and all the money would go to support one of our special patients, Jayden!

What: 5k run/2k walk along the Avonhead Ridge trail
Mini run for kids
Post-race yoga stretching session
Enjoy swag bags, food, prizes, and meet YOUR HEALTH Team

There is more information on our website www.yourhealthwellnesscentre.com or facebook page, or call the clinic at 905.829.0724

More info about Jayden, as told by his proud dad, John:

Please allow me to introduce my son, Jayden Elphage.
He was born 27 weeks premature and weighed 2lbs.
He has been deemed multi-challenged.

Diagnosed with Autism, Cerebral Palsy & hearing loss, he wears a hearing aid in his left ear & has a Cochlear implant in the other.

As a result of these difficulties, his dream is to be just a regular kid. Hockey, soccer & baseball are all out of the equation.

His grades are excellent – never less than a ‘C’. He attends a regular school & does well if supervised. If you were to meet my son you wouldn’t notice his disabilities right away. You’d have to see him in the playground where he is teased & ridiculed. I’ve stood, broken-hearted, outside the fence watching him left out, just walking around kicking stones. The school allows him to have a remote control car in lieu of friends. Jayden eats, sleeps & breathes cars. He has seen every episode of Top Gear three times.

One day a young technician walked into my office and told me about his amazing cousin, Austin. Austin has autism & is a three time national Karting champion. The very next weekend I took Jayden to the track. I said to the owner, “I know he’s small, PLEASE give him a chance.” He did. I watched, not breathing, as he drove the only thing he has ever driven, except for F1 on the computer. He spun out more than a few times, but by the end of four laps he was staying on track. He pulled off & drove right up to me (not the pits) with Dan, the owner, hurrying behind him. Then I saw a look of pure joy on his face – a look I’ve never seen before in his nine years. I immediately started apologizing to Dan, he looked confused, saying get him back out, he just put down pole position.
I knew right away he’d finally found his place to fit in. In a Kart all is equal, he’s just another regular kid. In his first year of Arrive & Drive (all Karts are owned & prepared by Goodwood) he came 27th out of 147 kids. This series is all about drivers, in the bigger series the guy with the most money wins. In our second year he came second in his series, behind only to the overall champ, fifth overall in Ontario. In his second year he showed his natural talent, making some brilliant overtaking moves & showing intense focus. I don’t think he blinks when his helmet goes on.
My wife and I have cashed in all our RRSPs & depleted all other resources. We don’t have any outlandish dreams of Indy or F1. Our only goal is allow our child to continue to participate in the only thing where he’s treated with respect. It’s time for his own Kart. All the other competitors have one.

We are seeking sponsors to allow a child to do something he lives for. When we hear our son is special, it usually means not up to par. When they say it in Karting, they mean he is extraordinary.

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