Oakville Town Council Meeting

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Date(s) - Monday, May 29, 2017
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Town Hall




1. Oakville Enterprises Corporation Annual General Meeting and Business and Financial Update, Approval of 2016 Consolidated Financial Statements, Directors Remuneration, Appointment of Auditors and Appointment of Directors and Chair 51-98
  –           Report from Commissioner of Corporate Services,

May 17, 2017



1. That the PowerPoint presentation from Rob Lister, President and CEO of Oakville Enterprises Corporation regarding the annual business and financial update be received.


  2. That the resolutions as submitted by the Board Chair of Oakville Enterprises Corporation in the correspondence to the Mayor and Members of Council dated May 16, 2017, with regard to the following matters be approved:
a. The appointment of auditors of the Oakville Enterprises Corporation; and
b. The compensation for Directors of the Oakville Hydro Corporation and its affiliates be approved, attached as Appendix A;
  c. The acceptance of the consolidated audited financial statements of Oakville Enterprises Corporation for the year ended December 31, 2016, attached as Appendix B.


3. That the resolution contained in the confidential correspondence to the Mayor and Members of Council dated May 16, 2017, from the Board Chair, distributed to the Mayor and Members of Council only, attached as Confidential Appendix C, be approved.


4. That the Mayor as shareholder representative pursuant to the Shareholder Declaration, be authorized to sign the resolutions for and on behalf of the Town in its capacity as the sole shareholder.












2. Hometown Hockey 99-106
  –           Report from Recreation and Culture Department,

April 4, 2017



1. That the Hometown Hockey report be received;


2. That should council wish to proceed with this event, staff be authorized to enter into an agreement with Hometown Hockey to host an Oakville based event in late 2017;


3. That funding of $96,000 be funded by the tax stabilization reserve to cover costs associated with the Hometown Hockey event; and


4. That Town of Oakville permit fees and internal expenses excluding Transit and Parking be waived for the Hometown Hockey event.



3. Flood Management and Mitigation 2017 107-126
  –           Report from Commissioner of Community Services, Commissioner of Community Development and Commissioner of Corporate Services, May 23, 2017  


1. That the report from the Community Services, Community Development and Corporate Services Commissions dated May 23, 2017 entitled Flood Management and Mitigation 2017 be received; and


2. That staff report back to Council on the estimated full costs associated with flood management, recovery and restoration after lake levels have receded.





 There are no Confidential Discussion Items listed for this agenda.





There are no Advisory Committee Minutes listed for this agenda.



INFORMATION ITEMS (Circulated Electronically)


  Information Items 127-132



Status of Outstanding Issues 133-152



(Notice of Motion, Emergency, Congratulatory or Condolence)


In accordance with Section 6.1(2) of the Procedure By-law, the following Notices of Motion will be considered at the next Council meeting to be held on June 26, 2017.


In Consideration of the Preservation of Heritage Properties
Moved by Councillor Duddeck, Seconded by Councillor Gittings

WHEREAS, the Town of Oakville maintains the Oakville Heritage Register in accordance with the Ontario Heritage Act (OHA); and

WHEREAS, there are over 580 properties listed on the Town of Oakville Heritage Register; and

WHEREAS, over 150 are designated as Part IV individually designated properties and some 400 are classified as Part V Heritage Conservation District designated properties; and

WHEREAS, all of these properties are valuable resources of Oakville’s cultural heritage; and

WHEREAS, owners of heritage properties often face additional costs to maintain and preserve properties; and

WHEREAS, Oakville’s Heritage Grant program covers up to half of the cost of eligible conservation work to a maximum of $15,000 when matched by a contribution from the property owner; and

WHEREAS, Federal Bill C-323, a Tax Credit for the Restoration of Heritage Properties has been introduced by MP. Peter Van Loan to amend the Income Tax Act; and

WHEREAS, if passed, Bill C-323 would provide owners of historic properties with a 20% tax credit on eligible costs for rehabilitation work on designated properties; and

WHEREAS, as written, Bill C-323 is silent on the eligibility status of Ontario’s Part IV and Part V designated properties;



THEREFORE, be it resolved,

a)          The Mayor compose a letter of support for Bill C-233 to include this               resolution to be sent to the Prime Minister, Minister of Canadian

                         Heritage, MP Van Loan, MP Oliver and MP Damoff to include an

expression of the following: If passed, Bill C-233 would include direction to the Minister of Canadian Heritage that eligibility for this tax credit program include Ontario’s Part IV and Part V designated properties and the equivalent heritage designations in all of Canada’s provinces and territories; and


b)          A copy of this resolution be sent to the Ontario Ministry of Tourism,

             Culture and Sport for its consideration; Heritage Oakville, Oakville

Historical Society, Trafalgar Historical Society and Bronte Historical Society for their information.

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