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Date(s) - Wednesday, January 8, 2014
9:15 am - 11:00 am

Oakville Club


Lynn Hodgson — Uncovering the Secrets of the Top Secret WWII Spy School in Canada

Unofficially known as Camp-X, the paramilitary training installation was officially known by various names: as S25-1-1 by the RCMP (the Royal Canadian Mounted Police file name), as Project-J by the Canadian military, and as STS-103 (Special Training School 103) by the Special Operations Executive (SOE), a branch of the British MI-6. It was established December 6, 1941, on the Whitby/Oshawa border in Ontario through co-operative efforts of the British Security Co-Ordination (BSC) and the Government of Canada.

The BSC’s chief, Sir William Stephenson, was a Canadian from Winnipeg, Manitoba, and a close confidant of the British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill, who had instructed him to create “the clenched fist that would provide the knockout blow” to the Axis powers. One of Stephenson’s successes was Camp-X!

Lynn Philip Hodgson has dedicated half of his life to uncovering the most detailed secrets of Camp-X. He has helped hundreds of people learn of the rich history of their fathers/mothers and grandfathers/ grandmothers. He would like to thank the hundreds of people who have come forward and told their stories, and donated documents, artifacts and hundreds of pictures to the Camp-X Museum.

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