“Saturday Moonshine Martinee

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Date(s) - Saturday, February 10, 2018
2:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Moonshine Cafe


Hear ye, hear ye! Listen well, my good ladies and gentlemen, as I bring forth a proclamation! **The “Saturday Moonshine Martinee” Jam** Greetings from 2018!! How ya been?? This page/group/mob/community is designed to get people off their butts and outta their huts on Saturday afternoons (from 2:30-6:30) for some good ol’ fashioned jamboree style entertainment!!

We got all the standard selections gear set up, drums, bass, guitar, etc. mics, full P.A., and enough C4 to level a city block (not really).

Honestly, it’s great to be back home, and back on stage at the Moonshine Cafe, so come on out and get your blood flowing, join in on a tune, kick back and enjoy the good vibes, or pls lead us in some jams dang it!!!

No egos, no whiners, no weepers, no guff, no doubt, no diggity!!

We’re going with a suggested donation of Five bucks, cheap!! I can’t wait to see this grow, cause thats what makes this so much fun, meeting new people, seeing old friends, jamming together, learning, and having beer!!

p.s. I will become a better drummer. Lay-tar! Martender.