The Riches of Life Art Exhibit: Opening Reception

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Date(s) - Sunday, January 15, 2017
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre


Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre is pleased to announce the opening of its first art exhibition of 2017, a display of works collected over many years by founder Sybil Rampen.

Part of the exhibition will be Sybil’s own watercolours and fibre art, which are rarely unveiled, as well as her mentor Martin Bloch and additional works spanning three centuries of incredible artists.


  1. German expressionist Martin Bloch 1883 – 1954
  2. International fibre artist Gordana Brelih
  3. Marin-Marie, 20th century French marine painter
  4. Joseph Nash 1808 – 1878, painter of late gothic architecture
  5. Ann Oakley, Joshua Creek studio artist
  6. Sybil Rampen, founder of Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre
  7. Woodblock printing artist Bernard Rice 1900 – 1998
  8. Anthony Salvin 1799-1880, Sybil Rampen’s ancestor
  9. Ian Turner, Canadian illustrator and graphic designer
  10. Anton Van Dalen, successful New York artist
  11. Jan Vinnai, Joshua Creek Studio artist
  12. Galin Zonev, Bulgarian woodcut artist

Sybil describes the riches of her life

“Pictures on the walls have a lasting influence on children. I grew up with pictures of a great eagle, gentle watercolour landscapes, Durham Cathedral, lithograph portraits up the stairs and even a large copy of Pope Pius by my grandmother.

We had gardens with flowers to pick, and woods carpeted by wildflowers. Wartime letters from Auntie Bunny were filled with drawings, and she expected illustrated answers in return.

Looking back, this had a profound affect on me.

I am convinced that we are all artists with treasure houses filled with life’s experiences and dreams. All we require is doors to open to help us make pictures….to hang on the walls… for more children to absorb.

Art is love. Art is life!”

– Sybil Rampen

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