Extreme Cold Alert issued for Oakville: Sunday December 15, 2013

Snow Flake

An Extreme Cold Weather Alert has been issued by the Halton Region Health Department starting CarSunday, December 15. This alert is issued when temperatures are expected to fall below -15 degrees Celsius (without wind-chill), or when weather conditions are severe enough to warrant alerting the community to the risks involved with prolonged exposure. The alert is intended to inform the general public and community agencies and recommend precautions. This alert is in effect until temperatures rise above –15 degrees Celsius (without wind-chill) or weather conditions improve and the risks involved with prolonged exposure are reduced.

Anyone can be affected by extreme cold-related weather conditions, depending on length of time and exertion levels. Those especially at risk include: older adults (over the age of 65), infants and young children, outdoor workers, sport enthusiasts (hikers, skiers), homeless persons, and/or those lacking shelter, proper clothing or food.

To keep yourself and your family safe, you should know how to prevent cold-related health problems and what to do if there is a cold-weather emergency. You can avoid cold-related injury by dressing appropriately and covering exposed skin. It is also important, in preparation for winter driving conditions, that you keep a Car Survival Kit in your car at all times. This kit can include items such as: cell phone, blankets, booster cables, shovel, first aid supplies, flashlight and batteries, extra boots/socks, etc. A kit such as this can save your life or someone else’s. Plan ahead and listen to the weather forecast!

Additional information, weather forecasts and wind-chill information can also be obtained from theEnvironment Canada website. For further information on extreme cold, please contact Halton Region by dialing 311 or visit www.halton.ca.

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