Extreme Cold for Wednesday, January 30th and longer

January 30th
Extreme Cold for Wednesday, January 30th and longer
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Environment Canada issued an Extreme Cold warning at 10:41 AM for Wednesday, January 30th. The Weather Network’s forecast agrees.

From the data, this extreme cold air mass is going to be around until Friday afternoon, when the temperatures finally rise above minus 15.

This Arctic blast arrives a midnight when the temperature drops to minus 15 and feels like minus 26. The sky is clear which allows whatever warm air to dissipate. At 8:00 AM the temperature continues to drop to minus 19 and feels like minus 30. It warms up a couple of degrees to minus 17, but the windchill is a steady minus 30. By 11:00 PM the temperature drops even further to minus 20 feeling like minus 34.

The wind comes out of the south, south-west at a consistent 40 km per hour. The probability of snow ranges from 20 to 30 per cent.


These extreme cold temperatures leads to frostbite if bare skin is  exposed for more than a few minutes, though healthier people do fair better. It is the wind that causes the problem, since it reduces body heat quickly. This is why even exercising outside is considered dangerous.

The cold leads reduced blood flow causing numbness. The body transfers heat from a person’s extremities such as hands, feet, noise and chin, to protect the bodies vital organs.

  1. At minus 15 with a wind of 40 km frostbite sets in at just over 30 minutes
  2. At minus 20 with a wind of 40 km frostbite sets in at just under 30 minutes

Frostbite exhibits when the skin:

  1. looks pale
  2. feels hard
  3. appears waxy

If you are unsure on how to treat frostbite, seek the advise of a medical professional.



Regarding your pets, they are susceptible to this extreme cold, and their time outside should also be restricted.

During this extremely cold weather event starting on Wednesday January 30th, keep your exposure to a minimum. Check on your neighbours, and relax inside. It will warm up in a couple of days.


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