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The Falgarwood neighborhood is bounded by Upper Middle Road on the North, Trafalgar Road on the West the QEW  to the South and East. The area was developed 26 to 60 years ago and now boasts mature trees and wonderful walking trails. There is a wide range  of homes from large brick properties backing onto ravines to towering classic condos over looking Lake Ontario in walking distance of Sheridan College. Morrison Valley cuts through Falgarwood and creates two distinct areas. The area closest to Trafalgar Road  is densely populated with townhomes, semis as well as large 15 plus storey apartment buildings. Oakville town hall is located here. East of Morrison Valley is suburbian which was built during the late 50s and early 60s (with a few modern pockets). This area is heavily treed with detached bungalows, split level and two storey homes. There are also condo and freehold townhomes.

Falgarwood Demographics

West Falgarwood residents are primarily considered comfortable nesters: they are in retirement age, and have primarily lived in smaller suburbian homes. They have little debt and live a comfortable life.

East Falgarwood residents are solid citizens participating in local community life, fixing their own homes. Often they have two incomes providing for their families with considerable stability.

West East
43.6% Single 62% Married
 0-19 16.7% 21.6%
 20-29 27.8%  8.1%
 30-54 34.5% 33.8%
 55-64 11.1% 17.6%
 65 plus 10% 18.9%
 High School 44.4% 46.6%
 College  9.7% 10.7%
 University 36.3% 34%
 Post Graduate  2.4%   3.9%

Falgarwood Transit


Falgarwood has excellent highway access via Upper Middle Road to the QEW, 403 & 407. Oakville Transit provides local public transit, and the area has access to Oakville GO Station and slightly further east the Clarkson GO Station.


Falgarwood Schools

Montclair Public – JK to Grade 8 West Falgarwood

Falgarwood Public – JK to grade 5 for part of East Falgarwood

Falgarwood Public – Grades 6 to 8 for East Falgarwood

Sheridan Public School – JK to grade 5 for part of East Falgarwood

Munn’s Public – Grades 1 to 5 – French Immersion

Iroquois Ridge Highschool – Grades 9 to 12 including french immersion

Falgarwood also has access to catholic and private schools. For the youngest resident their are numerousdaycares.


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