Fall is Just Around the Corner: Oakville Fashionista

Fall is Just Around the Corner: Oakville Fashionista
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Sasha Azeez

Sasha Azeez

Fashion lover, beauty enthusiast and broadcast journalism student! My passion includes bringing out your inner beauty while following the latest trends and adding your own unique twist to it. As an Oakville resident, I create close-to-home stories that will be sure to bring out the Fashionista in you, including fab off the runway looks and local shops around us, anyone can be inspired ...while looking incredible!

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While amidst sun tanning in your yellow bikini bottoms and floral cover-ups, Fall fashion week for 2013 has come and gone in New York City. Making a grand entrance for the elegant styles that will be popping up in the near future, we see many surprisingly wearable pieces that I’m sure will find its way into our wardrobes – or replicas of them at least. I mean, who can afford a $2000 Alexander McQueen Fall coat? For those of us who don’t want to break the bank, these specific trends looks as if they would be found in stores such as Zara, H&M and even your local Winners…for a much, much lower price. Lets look at some trends we have in store for us!


Tuxedo for Women? Amongst the runway we see many different variations of the “pant suit” – but in a more fun fashionable way. Proving that women can rock it too! Top designers like Victoria Beckham (on the left) and Ralph Lauren (on the right) show the different ways this trend could be rocked. From sleek and sophisticated to dressing down by simply adding an accessory!


Introducing the Color of the Year! Green has jumped out of mother natures closet and made its way onto the catwalk.Being referred to as the “Green Movement” these deep and rich shades represent the autumn season perfectly. Don’t think green is your colour? Or scared you can’t rock it as well as this Calvin Klein model? Don’t sweat it! Going out of your comfort zone and adding a pop of green accessory is a start in the movement and will be sure to push your limits!


Out with the flowery prints, its all about unique, uniform and vibrant for the Fall. Designers Louise Goldin (left) and J Crew (right) show off patterns that are both eye catching and chic with a distinctive and repetitive flow through the outfit.


When has leather ever gone out of style? Fall is officially making it O.K to bring back those leather pants and skirts you have hiding in your closets! Adding a little rebellious look to these top designers ware – it’ll make you want to turn over to the dark side.

So don’t put away all your Summer clothing yet! These ideas and trends help you think ahead to what’s in store and what to expect for the next season to come, and I think its going to be a fashionable one.



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