Federal Election 2015: Oakville Conservative Candidate: Terence Young

Terence & Gloria Young
Federal Election 2015: Oakville Conservative Candidate: Terence Young
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Terence Young arrives with a bounce in his step, as he reaches out his hand to give me a friendly handshake. We have met on several occasions, but this will be our first interview. He grabs his seat, and off we go.

Terence was born in Toronto in 1952 and is the fourth son of five. His father was an Anglican Cannon at St. Anne’s, which is located at the intersection of Gladstone and Dundas. The community of St. Anne’s was known for its association with the Group of Seven, and having an excellent orchestra where Terence and his brothers sang.

He could see St. Anne’s from his home, and this tight knit community was where Terence grew up. As a teenager he attended Bloor Collegiate where he met Gloria, who would later became his wife.

He graduated with a degree in Political Science from York University, and did attend a year at Law School. As he explains, he wasn’t interested in becoming a Lawyer. However, he did develop an interest in politics, and in 1974 ran in Parkdale as an independent. He came in forth, but ahead of the Marxist and Communist Party candidates.

After graduation he worked in Sales for Ford, and then General Motors for 4 years. After these he managed and booked musical groups. In 1981 he arrived at Bell Canada where he stayed for 14 years, moving from Sales, to Marketing, to Government Relations, and then on to Public Relations.

He’s been elected twice to public service. The first was as the Conservative MPP for North Halton; however, after redistribution of seats North Halton’s seat was eliminated. In 2011 he ran against the Liberal incumbent Bonnie Brown, which he won, becoming the Conservative MP for Oakville.

During his time in Office he established Vanessa’s Law, which passed with unanimous support in the House of Commons. Vanessa’s Law is named in honour of Terence’s daughter who was inadvertently given the wrong medication in hospital, which resulted in her death. He has also helped to secure $100 million in federal infrastructure funding for Oakville.

Contact information for Terence Young:
T: 905-334-7694
E: voteterenceyoung@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TerenceYoungMP
Twitter: www.twitter.com/terenceyoungmp
Website: http://www.terenceyoungcampaign.com/



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