Federal Election 2015: Oakville North Burlington Green Candidate: Adnan Shahbaz

Adnan Shahbaz
Federal Election 2015: Oakville North Burlington Green Candidate: Adnan Shahbaz
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Adnan Shahbaz is the latest federal candidate to be interviewed, and this young man is filled with a sense of purpose and the ability to articulate his thoughts with clarity and a quick wit.

Adnan was born in 1980 to immigrant parents, initially calling a two bedroom apartment at Jane and Finch home, and then later the family moved to Rexdale where he finished High School. His parents came to Canada from Pakistan in 1973 and 74 respectively, and then his grandparents came over in the 1990’s through the government’s family reunification program.

His dad became a jeweler after completing a certificate program at Senca College, and his mom was a retail clerk as she completed High School at nights. She then became an employee of the Royal Bank. He is the middle child, and all of the siblings are university graduates. His upbringing provides him with a first person account of what it means to be part of an immigrant family.

Adnan graduated with BA in Arts as well as Education from York University. He joined the Peel Board soon after graduation, as a Behavioral Support Teacher in Brampton and is now an Instructional Coach (teaches teachers how to teach). Currently, he is doing his graduate studies in Education at Brock University.

In 2001 he moved into Oakville’s College Park neighborhood. As his family grew they moved into the Burlington neighborhood of Headon Forest, where he currently lives with his high school sweetheart who became his wife, their 11 year old son, and his mom. They did look at homes in Oakville, but couldn’t find affordable housing that met his family’s needs.

He has be active member of the community taking part in the Terry Fox Run, “Breakfast for Kids” a United Way Program, as well as raising money for Mosquito Nets and Fresh Water Tablets. Giving is a way of life for Adnan, which he learned from his family who were always there to help out a neighbor in need.

When asked why he decided to become a candidate for the Green Party he stated, “Something ignited in me. I couldn’t just sit back and do nothing. In Canada I can participate.”

Contact information for Adnan Shahbaz:
Email: adnan.shahbaz@greenparty.ca
Website: http://www.adnanshahbaz.ca/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shahbazisgreen
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShahbazisGreen



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