Federal Election 2015: Oakville North Burlington Liberal Candidate: Pam Damoff

Pam Damoff
Federal Election 2015: Oakville North Burlington Liberal Candidate: Pam Damoff
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Pam arrives for our conversation, relaxed. We’ve had the chance to chat many times. I’m also always wondering where she finds the energy, since she just cycled to our meeting. She is likely one of the busiest people I know.

Pam was born in London Ontario, and has a sister. Her dad, Bud worked his was up from the factory floor to become the VP of a manufacturing company. Her mom was a homemaker. She attended the University of Western Ontario and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Political Science.

In 1981 she had her first introduction to politics when she assisted Liberal Jack Burghardt during his successful bid to become the MP for London West. She moved to Ottawa and worked in his Federal Office.

After Burghardt lost his seat in 1984, Pam moved to Toronto after accepting a position with MacLean McCarthey a boutique real estate investment company. During her time with MacLean McCarthey, Pam was part of the team that created the first Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). She was the financial analyst.

In 1992 she moved with her son, Fraser, to West Oakville wanting a healthy community that would provide a safe environment for her child.

“Fraser would take the GO Train in with me everyday so he could attend daycare close to my work,” she added.

“I really became a local advocate because of Fraser,” she commented. When Brookdale Public School and Public Pool were threatened with closure she was one people who fought the changes and won.

Since then she her decision to become involved in Oakville life has just grown. She is now the Chair of the Oakville Santa Claus Parade, sits on the board of the Oakville Terry Fox Run, created Cycle Oakville, and is a member of Oakville’s Polar Bear Organizing Committee. In 2010 she ran for town council and won, and was re-elected in 2014.

“I just love helping people. It gives me so much pleasure and energy,” states Damoff when asked why she wants to be the MP for Oakville North-Burlington.

Contact Information for Pam Damoff:
Website: http://pamdamoff.liberal.ca/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/@PamDamoff
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PamDamoffOakvilleNorthBurlington?fref=ts
Telephone: (289) 400-0048



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