Federal Green Party Candidate Adnan Shahbaz


Green Party candidate for Oakville North/Burlington, Adnan Shahbaz will be making his first public appearance April 15th at the Reclaim Our Democracy event being held at the Galaxy 707 Club.

Shahbaz will be at the Burlington Green Cleanup on April 25th, and is currently working with the Black Swan pub to organize an event. He is looking to get into local colleges to talk to students.

An educator and instructional coach with the Curriculum Support Services, Shahbaz grew up in Toronto and has been a part of the Oakville and Burlington community since moving here in 2001.

“We’re provided a really great opportunity right now. Oakville-North Burlington is a brand new riding, technically we have no incumbent, because technically we don’t exist until the writ is drawn and the election called,” says Shahbaz “New riding, new voice.”

“I chose the Green Party of Canada because there are a lot of things that have happened in the last three years in government that haven’t sat well with me,” says Shahbaz “Instead of feeling bad about it or just talking about it to people and having heated debates, I decided to do something about it.”

Shahbaz campaign will focus on 19 to 35 age demographic. “…because of my position as an educator, I have a reasonable pulse on what is required for our youth,” says Shahbaz “The way our world is being built for our younger generation, we need to invest in new technologies and sustainable growth,”

In the 2011 election half a million people across Canada voted for the Green Party. During the election 39% or about 60,000 voters in the Halton region didn’t vote; a majority of those were 19-35 year olds.

Shahbaz is looking to change that by making himself available to the community. “If you give me a call and want to speak, I’ll make time to speak with you,” says Shahbaz “It’s about re-engaging people who aren’t engaged in the political system anymore by bringing them in and showing their voice can make a difference.”

To contact Shahbaz or donate to his campaign go to his site at: http://www.adnanshahbaz.ca/


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