Federal Leadership on Health Care is Alive, Well and Thriving in Canada

A Federal Conservative Perspective

Federal Leadership on Health Care is Alive, Well and Thriving in Canada

The health of Canadians is a key priority as MP and for our Conservative Government. In fact I have dedicated the last fourteen years of my life to improving our healthcare in Canada. We are committed to a universal, publicly funded health care system that is there when families need it. As a father, and a son whose mother is 92 years old living in The Waterford LTC I understand the importance of knowing that our families can access the best of medical care. I have served twelve years on the Board of a non-profit Senior’s Residence, St. Hilda’s Towers, where we provide first rate supportive care.

I recently made a successful motion to study eating disorders on the Status of Women Committee, which will soon produce a shocking report on these horrible diseases, and be a source for patients, families and the provinces.

To ensure a strong foundation our Conservative Government is providing the highest level of health transfer dollars in history. Funding to the provinces has gone up 6% every year under the Conservatives. This record funding will reach $40 billion annually by the end of the decade. When I was MPP in 1997 the federal Liberals did the opposite, cutting billions out of funding for our health care and hospitals to balance their budget. The Conservatives have never cut transfers to the provinces.

As you may know the constitutional authority for health care delivery is provincial, but within the federal powers our government has been dynamic. There is only space here to mention a few initiatives. We are committed to supporting world class health research to improve the care available to Canadians. We allocate nearly $1 billion every year to support efforts by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research to improve care in areas such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, organ donation, lung health, and many others.

We have established leading organizations to improve cancer care, and mental health services. Through significant investments, our Government established the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer. We are the government that created the Mental Health Commission of Canada to develop national plans that will improve the care Canadians receive in these important areas. You will see more action on these plans.

In addition, our Government has made great strides at improving drug safety. This issue has motivated my public life for over 14 years, and that is a key federal responsibility. Under the leadership of our Minister of Health, Rona Ambrose, our Government is taking strong measures to tackle the growing problem of prescription drug abuse. We are providing nearly $45 million to expand the focus of the National Anti-Drug Strategy to include prescription drug abuse and ensure that we reduce the number of young Canadians who are needlessly harmed or killed every year when abusing medicines.

But my single most important project as the Member of Parliament of Oakville, has been conceiving and overseeing the passage of Vanessa’s Law through the House of Commons, the first major update to drug safety legislation in over fifty years. It will dramatically update Health Canada’s powers to keep Canadians safe, providing mandatory recall powers and improve reporting of health risks. It has been my honour and privilege to help to carry this legislation forward in the name of my daughter, and it recently passed three readings in the House of Commons unanimously.

Whether it is our Government’s overall commitment to a well-funded health system, our investments in research and strategies to improve care, or my own personal commitment to improving drug safety in Canada, Oakville residents can rest assured that I as part of our Government will continue working dynamically to improve their healthcare system.


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