Letter to the Editor: Film.ca employees supported as wages increase

Letter to the Editor: Film.ca employees supported as wages increase
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With the provincial government’s mandated minimum wage increased to $14.00 per hour, a mother and wife talks about her family’s employment experience with Film.ca.

Dear Editor,

“A Canadian quick service restaurant recently decided to cut benefits, remove paid breaks, and up the cost of its product. My son works for Film.ca Cinema here in Oakville, so does my husband. They were both terrified of loosing their jobs, their benefits. Not to mention then having to up the price of their movies, pizza and popcorn.

It’s been very scary all this uncertainty with the wage increase. Then my son received this email from Film.ca. It is an unbelievable thing they are doing there!!!!

Sometimes the little man does take a stand for everyone. They are not upping his prices, and no one will loose their jobs or hours! You have to read it! It’s simply amazing!! As a wife, a mother and a consumer, this letter has put my heart at ease. My family will sleep well this year!

Things like this is what make Oakville the greatest place to live, work and play in Canada!”

Thank you very much for your time!
Sandra Edmondson

On January 5, 2018, Film.ca emailed a letter to their employees. This is a portion of the letter:

“…As you know, with the New Year brings an increase in the minimum wage. Yes, this increase in our operating cost is a challenge, BUT we want each of you to know that we do not resent having to provide this increase, as you are all absolutely worth it!

In both the traditional and social media there has been a lot of negativity around the new minimum wage, and some very negative stories about how one food service company in particular is trying to deal with the extra cost at the expense of their employees. We want to be very clear with the Film.Ca team that we value you and recognize that you are ambassadors to our community, and we do not want you to worry about repercussions or changes from your employer. We want Film.Ca to remain a fun and rewarding place to work, and will continue to staff to the level that meets the needs of our guests.

To be clear , I said we are going to “try” and not pass on the costs to guests…” stated Jeff Knoll, CEO.

Film.ca ticket prices are: $8.50 for adults and, $6.50 for Seniors and Children.


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