First time Oakville Novelist’s Book reaches #61 in 4 Days on Amazon

"Always: You'll Never Walk Alone" A Romance by Keith Whiting

First time Oakville Novelist’s Book reaches #61 in 4 Days on Amazon
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When record producer Keith Whiting took a holiday on the Greek island of Corfu he never expected to meet a girl he’d already met in 3 other lifetimes! When she died twenty years later he had no idea he would be meeting her again in the future!

After the breakdown of another one of a string of relationships, wondering about his life and what it all meant, Keith underwent the first of a series of past-life regressions. The results were astounding! He kept meeting the same woman… his first wife!

Keith’s first novel “Always: You’ll Never Walk Alone”, the story of the first time he met his wife in 1731, reached #61 on the Amazon Romantic Fiction Bestseller list after just 4 days. Said Keith, “I know all my family bought it, but I have a very small family, so somehow a lot of other people must have discovered it. Hopefully they liked what they found!”

”Always: You’ll Never Walk Alone”, is the first of four books documenting his 400 year-long love affair. This inspiring book takes the reader along on an adventure, at times funny, at times heartbreaking, but at all times filled with love and hope.

After reading this heartwarming but bittersweet book, anyone who has ever lost a loved one will find solace in the fact that they WILL meet again!

A great gift for Valentines Day, or for anyone who has ever loved and lost a soulmate!

Oakville resident, Keith Whiting, is an award winning producer, who has worked with some of the greatest names in jazz and pop including Ella Fitzgerald, Oscar Peterson, and Dusty Springfield. This is his first novel.

Available FREE for 3 days on Amazon.



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