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Your first Traffic Ticket is a moment you’ll remember.

Traffic Ticket Halton Regional Police
Your first Traffic Ticket is a moment you’ll remember.
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Nolan A Machan

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We can all remember getting our first traffic ticket. The strobing lights coming up quickly behind you. Your heart sinks, and you pray that they’re after something or someone else. Then, the realization sinks in as you are pulled off to the side of the road.

Getting a traffic ticket isn’t fun for anyone, and that includes the police officer who has just pulled you over. However, this is their job. To get a better idea of what happens from the police’s perspective I took a ride in the Halton Regional Police Services’ big black ram truck.

The  truck has no identifying marks.  It is tricked out with strobe lights, siren, and computer systems. It is a high tech and very powerful machine. The person behind the wheel is a highly trained officer. They are wearing a bullet proof vest along with side arm, and taser.

These officers have no idea what they are going to be dealing with, though for the most part it is a regular everyday individual who wasn’t driving responsibly. However, there is no guarantee that the individual is going to be rational.

There are several reasons for officers to pull you over. You’ve been speeding, blantly disregarding street signs, using your smart phone, or driving erratically.

Once the officer has pulled you over they run your plates, and are given a complete run down of everyone of your traffic infractions including warnings. Keep that in mind when they ask you questions. They likely already know the answers.

Then they head over to speak with you, and outline why you’ve been pulled over. After collecting your license and registration, they upload your information into the system.  The officer prepares the paperwork, which is still handwritten. Considering that parking enforcement has an electronic system that creates tickets within a few seconds, the police seems antiquated. Every written ticket has to be uploaded into the computer system which then uploads that information to 5 other systems.

Writing up a ticket takes about 10 minutes. It doesn’t include the paperwork that has to be done when they return to the district office. However, that isn’t the only time consuming activity, another is the hours that each officer must spend in court every month. The courts try to be mindful of an officer’s time, but there are regular disruptions.

So the next time you ignore a stop sign, speed through a school zone, or pick up your smart phone, you aren’t just facing a fine along with the loss of points, you are also spending a great deal of your tax dollars.

A Police officer doesn’t enjoy handing out a traffic ticket, but it is their job. I was with them for 2 hours and my officer had the opportunity to hand out at least 5 traffic tickets without even trying.

Recently, the Halton Regional Police launched a traffic safety campaign that specifically relied on information provided by the community. The community was particularly concerned with irresponsible driving in school zones, as well as other locations where children frequent.

The police had provided the community with 2 weeks advance notice. Even with this advanced notice police officers issued over 500 tickets, and a significant number of warnings.

“Working with the community is a priority for the Halton Regional Police,” stated Sergeant Gus Bistas. “Our co-operation is what makes Oakville such a great community.”

If you are concerned about an issue  Halton Regional Police’s Cop-Logic ,an online service provides residents with a quick way to report any incident.



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